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5 Reasons Moisture Control Is Vital For Your Greenville Home

Taking care of your home is important, and for many of you taking the steps to make sure it’s safe is second nature. You make sure your doors have locks to deter thieves. If a window is broken you make sure to fix it up quickly to keep anything from entering through it, and when there is a storm coming most people will take measures to make sure to minimize the damage caused by that storm. But when was the last time you thought about moisture control?

A wet spot in the dark corner of your attic may go unnoticed or ignored and a dripping faucet might not be at the top of today’s to-do list. Did you know that moisture costs homeowners millions of dollars each year and is one of the few necessities pests seek out? Like us, pests need a few things to live. Water, food, and shelter are their top requirements, and water is often the most important by far. Making sure your home isn’t providing the essentials for pests can be the difference in whether or not you have to get rid of them later.

Moisture can cause a lot of problems for a homeowner, and Spencer Pest Services is here to help. Here is a look at the top 5 reasons as to why moisture control is so important.

  1. Pest Necessity: One of the main reasons that moisture can be such a problem is because it creates conducive conditions for pests. Most pests need water to live, and by providing it for them, it makes for an easy living space. Removing moisture means removing the necessities pests need to live, and in turn, making your home a less desirable destination for pests.
  2. Disease: When moisture gets into your home, under the right conditions, it will allow fungi to grow. Not only are many fungi odorous and aesthetically displeasing, it is also dangerous. Fungi can cause allergic reactions and illnesses making it a danger to you, your family and your pets. Our moisture control program gives you the opportunity to clean out existing attic debris and provides mold remediation. Our fungi remediation can either treat the floor joists or treat them and scrub them down, reassuring that the problem is completely taken care of, making your home a safer place.
  3. Smells: When mixed with a variety of materials, moisture creates strong odors. Primarily, when mixed with soils, the microbes release a less than pleasant smell that can take over an entire home if left untreated. When we treat your home, we can not only kill microbes in the soil to alleviate smells, we will also give you the option to vent the covered soil, redirecting the smell to the exterior of your home using an odor fan.
  4. Damage: Moisture rots materials, not only creating conducive conditions for pests like termites and carpenter ants, it also compromises the safety of your home. If left alone for a period of time, materials can rot to the point of weakening the structure of a building, making it extremely dangerous. With our BEST option, we will install monitoring devices such as high water alarms, as well as stabilize the existing sub-floor. While we strengthen your home again moisture damage, we will also alert you to it.
  5. Prevention: As important as getting rid of moisture is, preventing it is even more so. Because water can  often come in from the outside of your home, we help by installing French drains. Doing so allows us to redirect the water away from your home, minimizing the potential of moisture being introduced. If necessary, we can also install sump pumps in crawl spaces to make sure water is not building up. We will also seal up any existing vents and install auto Temp-Vents. The auto Temp-Vents open and close automatically depending on the exterior temperature, helping regulate moisture.

Curious as to whether moisture control is right for you? Call us today and schedule a free inspection!