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Ant Season Is Here

While there isn’t actually an “ant season,” spring is about as close to ant season as we’re going to get. When all of the plants and creatures in your yard come to life, all the ants will be coming to life with them. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Spring Ant Tips

  • Ants are foragers. If you have food in your yard, they are going to be drawn to it. Make sure all of your exterior trash cans are properly sealed, and that no organic matter is left out for those ants to feed on. Ants will feed on many things we don’t consider edible.
  • Ants are hunters. When ants look for food in your yard, sometimes that food is other bugs. There are some ants that actually prefer meat over vegetables. The more you control the number of bugs in your yard, the less trouble you’ll have with ants.
  • Keep things neat. Spring cleaning is an important part of pest control. If your yard is overgrown or covered by organic debris, like sticks and leaves, you’ll attract a wide variety of bugs. You can be sure that those ants will take notice.
  • Reduce water. Ants love moisture, as long as it isn’t too moist. An obstructed gutter or a leaky spigot will be just enough water for these insects to be happy.
  • If you don’t have ongoing pest control for your home, an ant infestation can appear almost like magic. This is because you have scout ants searching your home for food sources. When they find something, it doesn’t take long for those ants to mobilize in large numbers.
  • This is the time of year when swarmers appear. If you find large, black, winged ants crawling around on your windows (inside or outside) it is time to call a pest control company. Don’t simply vacuum those ants up. Those swarmers are a warning sign that you have a mature carpenter ant nest in your home. Not only that, but you’re about to have another.

Controlling food and water sources in your yard and around your home can go a long way to reducing ant invasions. But, to attack this problem at the core, it is important to address all of the pest pressures present on your property.

If you live in our South Carolina service area, we would love to walk you through the three-zone process we use to manage pests in every zone of your home. You’ll quickly see why a complete pest control plan is the right way to prevent ant infestations, and why families choose ongoing pest service to prevent the issues caused by over 20 pests, including termitesfire ants, and mosquitoes. Once you’ve lived with year-round pest control, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.