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Are Bed Bugs Your Travel Companion?

If they were named more accurately, we would call bed bugs something like “public place bugs” or “tiny nooks and crannies bugs”. By calling them bed bugs, many people believe they can only be found in beds, when the reality is – bed bugs are pretty much everywhere that the public in general goes. The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA) has labeled the week of June 4th to June 10th as Bed Bug Awareness week to help spread awareness of where bed bugs may be found and what you can do about it.

Look Past the Hotel Bed

When traveling, keep in mind bed bugs can hide in tiny areas. People have reported bed bugs on trains, in movie theaters, and retail stores. Bed bugs can move between hotel rooms and apartments through outlets. Keep your suitcase inside a sealed garbage bag while traveling to minimize risks of these tiny critters getting inside and coming home with you.

Bed bugs love to become your travel companion, as they search for a warm place to live next to an endless food source – you!

Why a Single, Tiny Bed Bug is a Big Deal

If you should happen to bring a single female bed bug into your home, you are likely to experience a full on bed bug infestation in just a short amount of time. Female bed bugs lay between two and five eggs per day or as many as 500 in their lifetime!

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

If you wake up with tiny bites on your arms and legs, you may have bed bugs. If you notice tiny, translucent oval shapes on the floor near your bed, around the couch, or in the seams of your mattress – you could have bed bugs. You may also notice bed bug skins as they shed them each time they advance to another stage of their life, or brown stains on the sheets from their fecal matter.

At the first sign of bed bugs, call Spencer Pest Services for help. We can determine if you do in fact have bed bugs, and the best method for getting rid of them before they take over your home. It is easier to treat a bed bug infestation before they multiply to the tens of thousands, so don’t delay calling for help if you notice any signs of them in your home.