Author: Meghal Mody

Apr 29 2022

Ants are ubiquitous little creatures. Chances are you’ve had them crawling around your kitchen sink or pantry once or twice before. Contrary to popular belief there is no such thing…

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Apr 15 2022

I recall as a small child, my mother saying sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. I didn’t give it too much thought other than a fleeting question…

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Mar 29 2022

Ever wonder why your significant other gets bitten by mosquitoes and you don’t? If mosquitoes really like certain colors? Do citronella candles actually repel mosquitoes? At what temperatures do mosquitoes…

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Mar 21 2022

There are a lot of ants out there in the world, roughly 13000 different species with trillions and trillions of individual ants. In fact, some biologists estimate that the collective…

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Mar 12 2022

Pest control is big business in the South in large part due to its mostly year-round warm, humid climate.  Therefore, a quick google search for a pest control company in…

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Feb 25 2022

When you’re walking around your nice, cozy home do you ever take a moment to ponder what’s going on underneath it in the crawlspace? (FYI – not all homes are…

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