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Author: Tim Citeno

Jul 14 2022

Termites are an extremely common pest in the south. It’s not a matter of “if” your home has termites, it’s more about “when” they find their way into your home. As a result of their popularity, a…

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Jun 22 2021

Ever wonder what those hundreds of “little worm like ” creatures are in your basement or your swimming pool every summer? They’re the relatively harmless yet annoying millipede. They don’t…

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Nov 19 2019

Many people refer to cellar spiders as “daddy long legs,” but true daddy long legs are actually not spiders. Daddy long legs are distant relatives of the cellar spider and belong to the same…

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Nov 15 2019

Finding a giant bug in your house can be startling. Discovering that it can fly is alarming. But learning that it’s dangerous is worst of all. If you find palmetto bugs in your Greenville home…

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Nov 13 2019

While scratching or squeaking sounds within your walls or ceilings is one sign that rodents have moved in, there are other signs to look for as well.

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Nov 8 2019

Here’s a riddle for you: What’s hairy and gross and can make you leap 3 feet into the air? Yup. Wolf spiders. Of all the spiders that get into Hendersonville homes, this one is the biggest and the…

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