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Avoiding Bed Bugs During Summer Travel This Year

Bed bug infestations continue to rise across the United States at an alarming rate. As more businesses and homes become infested with bed bugs, we all suffer because bed bugs spread passively from one infested structure to the next. The more bed bugs there are, the harder it is for businesses to keep them out. And the harder it is for businesses to keep them out, the more likely it is that you’ll run into bed bugs when you travel this summer. We hope you’ll use the tips in this quick guide to prevent that from happening.

Bed Bugs Summer Travel Guide

  • Keep in mind that bed bugs can be in many locations, even places you don’t intend to sleep. It is important to get to know what bed bugs look like. They don’t always look like the images you’ve seen on the news. When bed bugs first hatch, they are 1mm insects with six legs, two antennae, and transparent skin. If the insect has had a blood meal, its abdomen will be bright red.
  • Learn the signs that bed bugs leave behind. These insects leave tiny black dots of excrement, tiny white eggs, shed skins, and blood stains in areas of infestation. All of these will be incredibly small. You could place a batch of a dozen eggs, a dozen adult bed bugs, a hundred specks of excrement, and many shed skins on your thumbnail. Look closely.
  • Prevent bed bugs from becoming your travel companions. There are many tips for keeping bed bugs from traveling on you or traveling home with you. The more important things are to always do an inspection of sleeping areas and to keep your laundry items in sealed plastic bags.
  • When you return from a trip, wash and dry all your clothing on the hottest temperature. This will kill bed bugs in all stages of development.

If bed bugs return home with you and you find these insects in your house, it is not wise to attempt to control those bed bugs with DIY treatments. They are incredibly difficult to exterminate, and the ramifications of an ongoing bed bug infestation is significant. It can lead to lost sleep, ongoing bites, friends and family treating you like you have the plague, children scared to go to school… the list goes on. It is best to reach out to a licensed and experienced pest control company that has a comprehensive set of tools to control bed bugs.

For residential and commercial bed bug control in our Carolina service areas, reach out to Spencer Pest Services. Our team of highly-trained and certified pest professionals can help.