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Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling This Spring

After a few months of winter, most of us are more than happy to see the springtime finally emerge. Most of the country has been holed up inside snug houses waiting for the warmer weather and for the world to turn green again. When folks can start getting out again, they want to make the most of the opportunity and head south for a bit of R&R. Airports and bus stations are busy with travelers right now headed to weekend getaways and vacation spots all over the country.

While everyone is headed out for a bit of fun in the sun, it is important to remember that they could be bringing back something much more than a sunburn if they are not careful. Bed bugs could very well be waiting at their destination, ready to climb aboard and head home with an unsuspecting vacationer. Bed bugs have become one of the biggest problem pests in the United States and beyond in recent years. These hearty parasites have been found in a multitude of different places in every single state. Hotels, homes, hospitals, airports, bus seats, schools, and even the occasional park bench has played temporary hosts to bed bugs while they wait for their next host to take them home.

When traveling, it is important to protect yourself from these tiny hitchhikers. Before settling into your room, be sure to check the mattresses, bedding, and around the bed for signs of bed bugs. Look for blood droplets on the mattress pad or tiny brown stains which are likely bed bug feces smeared on either the mattress or box spring. Take an extra few minutes to check every crevice in the other furniture in the room for signs as well.

During any stay in a hotel room, make sure to keep luggage up off the floor. It is a good practice to make sure that any items not in use are stored in sealed plastic bags to help discourage bed bugs from finding their way into pockets or sleeves to make the trip home.

Even if everything looks fine in the room, you could have picked up bed bugs anywhere during your travels so upon returning home, be sure to unpack immediately and wash everything in hot water if possible. Take the time to vacuum luggage and bags as soon as you return and inspect it thoroughly before storing it away.

As careful as you try to be when you travel, bed bugs are sneaky and can sometimes still find their way into your home. If you suspect that you have brought home more than a t-shirt from your vacation, give Spencer Pest Services a call. Our team of professionals offers a free inspection to help locate the source of your infestation and will go over a plan to eliminate the threat of bed bugs from your home. Our products are all ecologically sound so you can rest assured that the bed bugs will be gone and your family will be safe from harm.