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Baking Traditions Without The Pantry Pests

There is nothing that says ‘home’ more than those weeks through the holiday season where the oven seems to always be on. Dozens of cookies, breads, and pies find their way from one kitchen to another from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve.  I made it a point as my kids have grown up to spend an entire day baking Christmas cookies and fudge together, a tradition that remains even though they have both grown up and left the nest. I can count on the two of them to give me a call before Thanksgiving even comes, and we lay out a plan to be able to bake.
Imagine digging out a bag of flour and pouring some into a mixing bowl only to have tiny little bugs scattered through it; it has happened before. Further inspection of the other dry goods like rice, grains, even chocolate chips and raisins could turn up even more tiny pests who have been in there for who knows how long. Pantry pests are types of insects who are commonly found contaminating your dry goods in the kitchen. If you are like a lot of people, you might only do any serious baking around this time of the year, and some of those pantry items have been in there for a while.
Typically, pantry pests such as Indian meal moths come to you directly from the store in an item that you bought. They may have ridden all the way from the factory. Identified by their gray bodies and copper coloring, the Indian meal moth feeds on dried fruits, seeds, chocolate, and grains. They will even eat bird seed and pet foods. These moths fluttering around your kitchen light might be an indication to you that you have a problem. There are other pests that are considered pantry pests as well. Bugs such as the cigarette beetle, flour beetles, and bean weevils, to name a few, are also frequent residents of cupboards across the country. If you see the sign of any of these pests it’s a good idea to make sure you check your stored items very carefully.
If you do find you have a pantry pest infestation that doesn’t go away by cleaning out your cupboards and replacing everything in it; it’s time to call in a professional pest company like Spencer Pest Services to come to your home and do a thorough inspection. Our technicians know just where to find and eliminate these offending pests to make sure that your baking supplies are fresh and ready to go. Then you can get back to doing what you love about the holiday – making memories with your family.