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Bed Bug Prevention While Traveling This Holiday Season

Bed bugs are active all year long in upstate South Carolina and northern Georgia. However, they can be more of a problem during the holidays. Many people let their guard down in regards to these pests during the holiday season, allowing bed bugs to travel from place to place more readily. As a large number of people travel for the holidays, especially during Thanksgiving and Christmas, bed bugs will have more opportunities than ever to hitchhike to other locations, including to your humble abode.

It is important to know that prevention is key for people who are traveling during the holidays. If you are going to visit family or friends you will need to follow these essential prevention tips to help keep bed bugs from traveling home with you:

  • Pack all of your clothing in plastic bags that can be tightly sealed before you leave.
  • Always inspect your sleeping accommodations before bringing your luggage into the room or settling in for the night.
  • Put your luggage on a luggage rack or chair. Never place it on top of the bed or on the floor.
  • Do not put any clothing or items in the dressers. Live out of your suitcase or hang everything on hangers.
  • Inspect everything you return home with before going indoors.
  • Carefully vacuum out or thoroughly wipe down all of your luggage and other baggage.
  • Wash all of your clothing in hot water as soon as possible.

If you are staying home for the holidays or hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas, you must still take care to avoid a bed bug infestation. If you think you may have a problem with bed bugs and guests are coming to stay in your home this holiday season, contact a professional bed bug service. This will provide peace of mind, knowing that your guests are protected against bed bugs in your home and that they won’t take any home with them either. 

Spencer Pest Services, in upstate South Carolina and northern Georgia, is here to help. We can start you off with a free and thorough bed bug inspection. Our specially trained service professionals will identify the infected areas of your home and discuss possible treatment options with you – including a highly advanced, eco-friendly bed bug treatment we have to offer. Give us a call to learn more about the bed bug services available through Spencer Pest Services.