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Bed Bugs Are Getting Comfortable While You Debate The Signs

Bed bugs don’t scurry across your floor, they don’t squeak in the night, and they don’t rustle through your pantry, so they are more difficult to detect when they are in your home. To be honest, the signs are there, however, you just might be ignoring them. When you see the signs of bed bugs, there is no time for debate. An infestation is brewing while you deliberate. If you traveled for the holidays, it’s time to start acknowledging the many signs of bed bugs.

What are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

It can take a little while to detect the signs of bed bugs. In most cases, it can take up to a month or so for a bed bug population to grow to the point that you can start seeing the signs. If you brought home bed bugs for the holidays, you are already starting to see the signs of the critters. A few signs that have bed bugs leave behind are:

  • Dried blood on the sheets
  • Bites on your body when you wake in the morning
  • Dried blood or smudges on your bed clothes
  • Fecal stains on bedding, furniture, and pajamas

The spots you see won’t wipe off or flake away when you rub them.

Bed bugs are excellent hiders, so a visual inspection for bed bugs may not always yield results. You inspect beneath fitted sheets, along mattress and furniture seams, underneath crinkles and creases in wallpaper, and in the corners of mattresses and box springs.

How Did I Get Bed Bugs in My Home?

It is nothing you did or didn’t do to your home. If you traveled for the holidays, you probably picked up bed bugs at your hotel, the home where you stayed, on the bus you rode, or in the rental car. Bed bugs can be as small as the width of a piece of paper and they are no bigger than an apple seed. These features allow them to sneak and hide in the smallest of places. It also ensures they travel well and undetected.

When you set your luggage on the floor, bed bugs can crawl in and hide out. When you bring your luggage home, as soon as you unzip, the bed bug unpacks, too.

How Can I Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

If you reached this page, chances are that you are already seeing the signs of your holiday travelers. You are looking for a quick and easy solution to get rid of bed bugs, but you won’t find one that works. DIY bed bug solutions are ineffective and do not help you find, get rid of, or control bed bugs. They just cost you time and money.

Bed bugs can only be treated with professional services. Spencer Pest Services has special solutions that help you get rid of bed bugs for good, not just for the night. Call Spencer Pest Services now for a thorough inspection, which we will do for free. Once an infected area has been identified, we get started right away to get rid of bed bugs with the most advanced and eco-friendly bed bug solutions on the market. We also offer a 90-day bed bug warranty for all treatments.