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Bedbug Travel Tips

The Moultrie News (Charleston area) had this little article on bed bug travel tips. We thought we would share them with you, with our own little commentary.

Treat the outside of your luggage with a repellent material labeled for bedbugs on luggage.

Put all your clothes and toiletry items in see-through plastic bags that you can seal tightly. Upon arriving to your room, put your luggage in the bath/shower area while you inspect the room.

Bring a flashlight, Climb-up Bed Monitors and a Bedbug Detector. Before you unpack, inspect the mattress and box-springs for blood stains, cast skins and live insects. The rope-like band around the mattress will usually have some signs of bugs if there is an issue. Look around the headboard and any adjacent bedside tables especially in the cracks and crevices.

Check these areas with the Bedbug Detector as well. The Bedbug Detector detects the gases that bedbugs release (affectionately known as the “Bedbug F#rt Detector” in the business). The Bedbug Detector is very accurate and easy to use. They are used all over the world by hotels, airlines, bus lines, college dorms, pest management professionals, hospitals, movie theaters and clothing stores, just to name a few.

When you check in, ask if the hotel has had an outbreak of bedbugs in that room in the last year. Also ask if any of the adjacent rooms above you, below you, or on either side have been treated for bedbugs. If they have, request another room far away from any outbreak hotspot.

Attach the Climb-up Bed Monitors to the legs of the beds, headboard and the bed stands. These monitors will prevent bedbugs from climbing up the bed for a nighttime attack. Sleep soundly!

When you get home, leave your luggage outside and run your clothes through a hot dryer cycle. The dryer should dry out any unwanted hitchhikers. Check your toiletry items and retreat your luggage.

We would caution to not put all of your trust in the various bedbug products out there on the market. As with any commercial marketplace there are inferior products that do not get the job done as well as we all would hope. That is not to say that some products are a waste, we just say to use your caution and check out reviews of products. Checking your headboards, mattresses, putting your clothes and sealed bags, and even putting clothes through the dryer when you return home are solid practices you can take without a huge investment and little interruption to your day.

If you think you may have brought bed bugs home, contact Spencer Pest Services for effective bed bug control in Greenville, Anderson and upstate of South Carolina and northern Georgia.