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Benefits Of Moisture Control Systems

The changing weather undoubtedly will impact crawl spaces in homes across South Carolina. If you are a homeowner, you know that moisture can negatively impact your home and your family’s health. Mold and fungi thrive in humid spaces, and moisture is the number one requirement for wildlife, including nearly every kind of pests, to thrive. To improve the air quality in your home and lower your energy bills, you can contact a professional for effective solutions for your crawl space moisture problems. Spencer Pest Services in South Carolina offers a moisture control system to suit your needs all year long.

This moisture control system is called CrawlSpace Care® and will help you make your home cleaner, healthier and more efficient from the ground up by protecting your home from moisture that can accumulate in crawl spaces. This involves enclosing the crawl spaces in newly constructed or existing homes with special materials that are guaranteed to control crawl space moisture. Our best plan, the Full Enclosed Crawl Space System is the most comprehensive moisture control solution you will find. The crawl space will be cleaned and treated to kill microbes. Then we will place white plastic floor liner and clear wall liners that are reinforced by a heavy foam above to effectively seal the area. In addition, a high water alarm, thermo-hygrometer, odor fan, and dehumidifier with its own electrical outlet are in installed. You can also opt to have wallboard insulation installed that is treated with a natural termiticide, fungal remediation on floor joists, and we can even rebuild the crawl space door.

If you are looking for something a little less intense, our Vapor Barrier Plus includes the crawl space cleaning and treatment to kill microbes. Then we will place a reinforced white plastic floor liner. In addition, a dehumidifier with its own electrical outlet is installed. You can add several of the previously mentioned options to this service for your own custom level of protection.

Our third system is our most basic level of control, Moisture Barrier and Vents, that includes installation of auto temp-vents, moisture barrier of 6 mils clear poly and crawl space clean-out. Even with this plan, there are options for added protection, giving you three customizable systems to deliver the exact level of moisture control your home needs.

Spencer Pest Services has been locally operated since 1954 and continued on for 3 generations. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of everyone we are in contact with. We strive to be an energetic and proactive pest control service within our community. Our eco-friendly technologies have been used long before being green became a “thing”.  If you have crawl space moisture problems, or any pest control problems, give us a call for more information on how we can help you.