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Carpenter Ants And Cold Weather

There are few creatures more mysterious than carpenter ants. When you combine this with the fact that carpenter ants are also destructive pests, it makes them an extremely frustrating pest to deal with.

Why are carpenter ants mysterious? Because they don’t do the kind of things you would expect them to do. These ants can act very different from other ants. Sure, they forage for food, crawl around in your kitchen cabinets, and form lines to bring food back to their colony, just like other ants, but where they live and how they feed can be quite different.

Where do carpenter ants live? This is an ant that can establish itself entirely inside your home. It doesn’t make mounds in your backyard. So, it can mobilize troops to gather food inside your home much more quickly. That means they can appear and disappear like magic.

How do carpenter ants feed? As you would expect, they find food and bring it back to their home. But, what makes carpenter ants so mysterious is that they don’t have to feed on any food that is inside your house. You can have a massive infestation of carpenter ants–and even see swarmers on inside windows every spring–and never find them in your pantry or food cabinets. That means you can think you’re safe, while these ants work diligently to chew away at your equity.

What does all this have to do with cold weather? When it comes to dealing with winter, there is a big difference between carpenter ants and other ants. Carpenter ants don’t live in the soil, where temperatures can sometimes slow ants down and put them in a short dormant state. Since carpenter ants live in your walls, they have enough warmth to stay active all year long. Even if they don’t invade your kitchen, they will still be chewing on your home, and that is a bad thing. Carpenter ants cost U.S. property owners millions of dollars every single year.

How do you fight carpenter ants? When you have year-round pest service from Spencer Pest Services, you have protection from carpenter ants as well as over 20 other household pests. Our team of pest professionals knows where these creatures live, how to bait them, and how to seal them out.

Protecting your home from carpenter ants isn’t a one time fix. Don’t put a patch on the problem. Get year-round protection you can trust.

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