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Carpenter Ants Are Nothing To Worry About, Right?

Carpenter Ants

When we think about wood destroying pests, termites seem to come more quickly to mind than others. If you are at all familiar with the damage that termites can cause, then you know how serious it can be. That being said, they are not the only wood-destroying pest you should be worried about. Carpenter ants, a very common wood destroying pest found in homes, can also cause extensive damage to the wood products in your home as well. Carpenter ants may prefer rotted wood to live in, and may not eat wood like termites do, but they are known to tunnel through perfectly solid wood also, making them a real threat to you, your family, and most of all, your home.

As carpenter ants tunnel through your home, they weaken the structure. Entering often times through rotted wood, they tunnel deep into walls and ceilings, creating major interior damage. If they go unseen for long enough, carpenter ants can even weaken a building to the point of collapse, which is why getting rid of them is extremely important.

Preventing carpenter ants before they enter your home is by far the best method of control. Carpenter ants exist in colonies consisting of thousands of ants, and generally, where there is one, there are many more. To help keep carpenter ants out of your home, try these helpful tips:

  • Seal up cracks and holes found in your foundation
  • Remove standing water around your home
  • Keep gutters clean to avoid the risk of wood rot
  • Fill holes and openings around doors and windows
  • Keep tree branches, vegetation, and shrubs cut back from the house
  • Fix any moisture causing issues, such as leaking pipes or roofs
  • Keep things like firewood stacked away from the house

Unfortunately, a trap here and there, or stepping on an ant you come across now and again really will not solve the problem. Carpenter ants should be taken very seriously, and if you find out that you have them, you should seek help immediately. With more than 60 years of pest control experience, Spencer Pest Services has seen what a carpenter ant infestation can do, and it’s not pretty, which is why we want to help. Our pest control specialists come equipped with both the knowledge and tools to get rid of, clean up, and prevent ant infestations. We know that the safety of your home is important, which is why we will leave no corner, crack, crevice or hole untreated. Using a number of different professional control methods, we guarantee that we’ll put a stop to pests! Call today for a free inspection if you think you have a carpenter ant problem, and don’t let carpenter ants do their terrible work inside your home!