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Common Mosquito Bites and Their Symptoms

Mosquito bite on leg

Mosquitoes are common pests that carry diseases and make your yard an unenjoyable place to be. When they bite, it can cause irritated skin, rashes, bumps, and even lead to long-term medical problems. At Spencer Pest Services, we know what a mosquito infestation looks like, so we want to help you recognize it. Take back your space and eliminate those pesky mosquitoes for good with mosquito control services in South Carolina and North Carolina from Spencer Pest Services.

What Does a Common Mosquito Bite Look Like?

Mosquitos are blood-sucking pests that bite humans and cause itchy bumps to form. When a mosquito bites a human, they insert a proboscis and suck out blood. As they insert the proboscis, their saliva is inserted into your skin and bloodstream. This saliva is an irritant that causes a small, raised bump to form at the area where the mosquito bit. In most cases, this small raised bump appears red and surrounded by irritated and inflamed skin. 

Symptoms of a Mosquito Bite

Depending on how allergic you are to mosquitos, the symptoms of a bite range from mild to severe. In most cases, individuals experience:

  • Itchy skin
  • A puffy, red bump
  • A hard, reddish/brown bump
  • Small blisters
  • Dark spots (similar in appearance to a bruise)

More severe reactions can occur in children and adults who are allergic to mosquitos. A more severe reaction can include:

  • A low-grade fever
  • A large patch of itchy, red skin
  • Hives
  • Swollen lymph nodes

If any of these reactions persist after a few days or appear to get worse, please seek out medical attention. 

How to Treat Mosquito Bite Symptoms

In many cases, mosquito bites are easy to manage and treat. After the initial bite occurs, you wash the affected area with soap and water. This helps ensure that all remaining mosquito saliva is washed away and that there is less risk of infection.

Then, apply ice to the area via an ice pack, ice cubes wrapped in a paper towel, or frozen vegetables. Finally, apply an anti-itch or antihistamine cream to the affected area to relieve the itchiness. 

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

No one enjoys spending time outside and getting bitten by a bunch of mosquitos. It can ruin an otherwise fun night and cause you to feel unsafe in your surroundings. To prevent mosquito bites, there are a few precautions you can take:

  • Wear long-sleeved clothing to prevent mosquitoes from being able to bite you.
  • Use a mosquito net. This comes in multiple forms, such as a tent, a hat, or fabric rolls. 
  • Apply mosquito repellent. These repellents make your skin and body unappealing to the pests and ensure they don’t want to come in contact with you. 
  • Use citronella candles. The smell of citronella is a repellent that prevents mosquitoes from entering your space. 
  • Utilize mosquito control services.

What are Mosquito Control Services?

Mosquito control services include treating an affected area and taking measures to ensure mosquitos don’t come back. While treating an area with mosquito repellent will effectively get rid of them, it might not prevent them from coming back. 

Yards full of trees, leaf litter, standing water, and shaded areas are the ideal environment for mosquitos. To get to the root of your mosquito problem, mosquito control services take action to reduce the attractiveness of your yard. This can include eliminating standing water from your yard, trimming trees back to create a sunnier environment, and getting rid of leaf litter.

Mosquito Control Service in South Carolina

During the hot summer months, South Carolina is a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Many families, individuals, and businesses do not feel comfortable using their outdoor space because of these pests. 

Take back control of your yard or outdoor space with our mosquito control service in South Carolina. Spencer Pest Control takes a proactive approach to mosquito control—discovering the cause of your mosquito problem and effectively eliminating it. We know what mosquitoes look for, and we know how to make your area uninhabitable for them. 

Discover what life can be like without mosquitoes by utilizing Spencer Pest Control’s mosquito control services. Call us at (864) 835-8792 or schedule a mosquito yard treatment.