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CrawlSpace Care Systems Protecting Homes From Moisture Problems

One of the greatest challenges for home and business owners has got to be moisture control. Perhaps it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but your home is fighting off moisture every day. Water can cause a lot of damage. If you have ever experienced a leaking roof and had to replace part of it as well as wet insulation, ceilings, and perhaps even walls you are well aware of the problems it can cause you. Excess moisture under your home can cause damage too.

Crawlspaces are notorious for dampness. Pipes do not have to burst, and you do not need to live in a flood zone to make that true. That dampness that always seems to be there can cause some problems to those living above it from unexplained odors, mold issues, asthma problems, as well as problems with the structure as it eventually seeps into the rest of the home. Wet areas are also an excellent breeding ground for household pests who need two things, food and water to create an out of control infestation.

You can protect yourself and your home from dealing with the heartbreak of expensive treatment for molds or pests in your home and save on energy costs at the same time. If you have a crawlspace call in a professional to come in and outfit the space with a vapor barrier that will protect your home from damaging moisture.

Spencer Pest Services, your go-to source for pest control, is also your source for moisture control. Our CrawlSpace Care system can prevent damaging moisture from building up in your home while you breathe easier with improved air quality and lower energy costs.

The specialists at Spencer Pest Services upon arrival will assess your crawlspace for any damage that might already be there, then clear the area of any debris and treat the soil to kill any microbes that might be there. Then they will install reinforced plastic liners on the floor and walls of your crawl space to the foundation that we seal with heavy foam. The team then can install a dehumidifier and other components to help keep your crawlspace dry. If it is needed we can even do some remediation on floor joists to kill off any fungi that might have already grown there, or install wallboard already treated with termiticide to provide better insulation to your home.

Spencer Pest Services cares about your home and the people in it. That is why they have worked with businesses and homeowners since 1954 to rid their home of dangerous and destructive pests. Our CrawlSpace Care System is just one more way that Spencer Pest Services can be there for your family.