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Dangerous Ants In Greenville, SC

When we think about dangerous pests, many of you might think of mice and the diseases they carry, or ticks and their association with Lyme, maybe even termites and the horror stories that come with them, but for many of you, ants won’t be the first pest that comes to mind. Ants, specifically carpenter and fire ants, present real dangers and should be taken very seriously. Here is a look at the different ants and what you can do about them.

Carpenter Ants

Given the name, it’s not surprising that these ants specialize in harvesting wood products. With a preference for rotting water-damaged wood, they are also known to move into sound wood. With the ability to lift up to 7 times their body weight, and their habit of showing up in large numbers, carpenter ants can have a substantial effect on the destruction of a home. Often working within the walls of homes, carpenter ants can dramatically reduce the structural integrity of a building.

Fire Ants

True to their name, fire ants have a reddish colored head. An aggressive species of ant, the fire ant will bite if threatened. A fire ant’s bite is only the first step in their assault as once grasped by their mandibles, they will then use a stinger located on their abdomen to inject a venom that is extremely painful. The venom injected has also been known to cause allergic reactions in humans and even have been known to result in death in small pets. With colonies exceeding a quarter million ants, once inside a home fire ants are known to destroy electrical equipment and motors. Fire ants are also a major threat to crops, as they feed on young plants, ultimately destroying crops and farms.

With a variety of DIY treatments to choose from at first, taking care of ants seems like a pretty simple job. One of the key components to taking care of ants, however, is taking care of their nest. More often than not, DIY products, while effective in killing some of the ants, are not as effective in taking care of the colony, therefore allowing ants to return. Professional pest control focuses on both the inside and outside of your home and by using both safe and effective methods of ant control, professionals are trained to find the root of the problem and alleviate it. Furthermore, with professional treatment, you receive follow up treatments to assure the problem is eradicated completely.

Spencer Pest Services offers several different options depending on your specific infestation. With our residential pest control service, not only will we take care of ants, we will also include more than 20 other pests!!! While DIY treatments might make a dent, they don’t come with a guarantee! Our pest control, however, does! We guarantee you that we will not only fix the problem, we will also prevent it from recurring. By checking up periodically, our year-round service keeps you worry free through every season. Keep your home safe by reaching out today to schedule a free inspection. Don’t let ants or any other pests take over home, the solution is only a call away!