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Dangers American Cockroach Infestations Bring

No one wants to have cockroaches lurking inside their home. They are disgusting pests that need to be avoided at all costs! But, were you aware that cockroaches are not only repulsive? They are truly dangerous, and in more ways than one! In this article, we are going to focus primarily on the American cockroach and the dangers they present when they invade.

American cockroaches are oval-shaped bugs with two antenna, six legs, and two sets of wings that are reddish-brown in color. The most distinctive characteristic about these roaches are the tactile spines on their legs; since these roaches are so large, reaching around 1 ½ inches, these spines are very noticeable. But, even though these cockroaches are very large, they have the ability to compact their bodies in order to squeeze through tiny openings, making it easy for them to invade man-made structures.

Why American Cockroaches Are Dangerous

  • Asthma. If there are individuals in the home who have asthma, the presence of American cockroaches can make their symptoms worse. When the droppings, saliva, and shed skins of roaches are left in a home, especially inside ventilation ducts, these particles can trigger asthmatic symptoms. Read this article to learn more about cockroach allergies.

  • Stomach Illness. Before invading homes, American cockroaches crawl around in filthy places where they pick up harmful bacteria and pathogens. When these pests invade your home and crawl around your home and get into your food, they can spread harmful bacteria which can cause illnesses with symptoms that are similar to the flu. Some symptoms of roach-related illness include vomiting, fever, diarrhea. In addition, these cockroaches can even transmit Salmonella!

  • Diseases. According to the World Health Organization, American cockroaches have the potential to cause dysentery, cholera, leprosy, plague, typhoid fever, and viral diseases such as poliomyelitis.
    Bites. When American cockroach populations grow large enough and their food sources become scarce, they are known to come out of hiding and bite sleeping people. Cockroaches typically bite the eyelids as they like to eat the dead skin on eyelashes. These bites usually turn red and swell up due to the harmful bacteria that cockroaches carry getting into the wound.

Why Roach Control Is So Important

If you are seeing cockroaches or the signs of an infestation in your home, it is important that you seek professional help to completely eradicate them as soon as possible. Just a few roaches can multiply very quickly and become a major infestation that will present all of the dangers listed above! Some signs of a cockroach infestation are finding cockroach feces inside drawers, cabinets, behind appliances, and in basements, and a musty smell that grows as the cockroach populations grow.

While there are some effective DIY prevention tips for roaches that will help you keep American cockroaches out, once a population is established in your home, professional pest control is a must! The professionals at Spencer Pest Services are standing by and are ready to rid your home or commercial property of cockroaches! Contact us at Spencer Pest Services to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control options for controlling cockroaches and other invasive pests!