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DIY Mosquito Treatments Vs. Professional Mosquito Control

Mosquito Plus Treatment

Springtime is right around the corner. Everyone gets excited about the warming temperatures and sunshine when we can play with our families in the backyard and have fun-filled BBQ’s. Spring is so close Greenville residents can almost smell the fresh flowers! But, spring brings one thing that none of us look forward to, an increase in the mosquito population. It’s time to start thinking about how to prevent mosquitoes from ruining our springtime fun. 

You’ve probably either heard of or already tried do-it-yourself mosquito treatments in the past. Chances are, they didn’t work very well. Repellent candles, “Tiki torches”, natural plants, bug foggers, and bug sprays are the most common DIY treatments that homeowners try. While these options may deter mosquitoes away temporarily, they don’t work in the long run. Mosquitoes are very difficult to control because they will fly great distances for a blood source to feed on or a water source to lay their eggs in. The only option for long-term, effective mosquito elimination is professional mosquito control

The biggest difference between DIY treatments and professional control is that professional control focuses on eliminating the breeding areas on your property—not solely on the individual, live mosquitoes. During the process of mosquito control, professionals will locate any areas of standing water which is where mosquitoes breed. In addition to this, all shrubs, low branches, leafy areas as well as fence lines and decking will be power-misted, killing mosquitoes where they live. The professionals will offer any advice to avoid the recurrence of standing water on your property. Professional control is the only way to go to avoid these annoying pests and their itchy bites. 

Luckily for residents of Greenville, Spencer Pest Services offers a powerful mosquito reduction program to make your yard safe and enjoyable! We provide professional mosquito control in the form of one-time treatments, such as before a wedding, picnic, or other outdoor events, as well as season-long protection. Customers who choose our Outdoor Living Package will receive the most comprehensive mosquito (along with other pests) elimination and prevention available. This plan is especially perfect for pet owners and families that spend the majority of spring, summer, and fall outside. Best of all, all of our services are guaranteed. This spring, by investing in mosquito control, you can spend less time avoiding mosquitoes and more time enjoying fun activities in the warm sun in your backyard