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DIY Pest Control Vs. Hiring A Professional

This time of year, pests are as active as they’re going to be. During the summer months you’re going to see them a lot. You’ll have wasps appearing in your garage or screened-in porch to make you feel uneasy. You’ll have ants crawling all over your driveway and entry areas. You’ll have spiders creating webs between your interior and exterior windows. Your encounters will be unique to your home and the conditions around your home. But you’re going to see pests. Here’s some insight that can help you deal with pests appropriately.

When pests appear, one of the most common things homeowners do is ignore them. While this doesn’t fall under the heading of do-it-yourself pest control, it is important to start here. If you’re seeing pests, it is important that you do “something” to prevent them. The presence of pests around your home is an attractant that will lure other pests in and your problem is going to grow.

Once you decide to do something, you’re going to have to decide between DIY pest control and hiring a professional. But, to make a good decision, you need to understand the scope of the problem.

Controlling pests is complicated. If you do it wrong, you can actually make the problem worse. A great example of this is the problem of fire ants. When homeowners spray insecticides on fire ants and fire ant mounds to get rid of them, they inadvertently send the wrong signal to those insects. Rather than telling those ants to “Go away,” they’re saying, “Multiply!” This is because fire ants, like many species of ant, will split their colonies when a threat is detected. This is called budding. So one colony can turn into two, three, or more.

There is a complex ecosystem around your home, and managing it requires complex methods and properly selected products. This is why it is always best to have an experienced and educated pest management professional take a look.

The best solution for managing pests and preventing infestations is to invest in a year-round pest control program. Pest programs come with routine visitations from a professional who knows how to properly address any bugs, rodents, and other wildlife that are present and search for subtle signs of pest entry. With industry-trusted methods and targeted product applications, they can reduce unwanted creatures around your foundation perimeter and decrease your chances of an infestation.

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