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Early Rodent Prevention Tips For Greenville Homeowners During The Fall

While mice and rats can get into your Greenville home any time of the year, your home is at greater risk of infestation in the fall. When temperatures go down, rodents have more reason to want to break in. As they search for dwindling food resources around your home, they can happen upon heat leaking from your exterior or roofline. If they do, they’re going to want to find out where that heat is coming from. If a hole is small, that isn’t a problem. They are equipped with teeth that can make small holes larger. And it doesn’t take much of a hole to let rodents in. Most mice can fit through a hole the size of a nickel and most rats can fit through a hole the size of a quarter. If you want to avoid rodent problems this winter, and beyond, it is important to take some steps now to prevent invasion.

5 Tips for Keeping Mice and Rats Out

  • Seal entry points. The first step in keeping any pest out is to seal entry points. Look for gaps, cracks, and holes around your foundation perimeter. Look closely around doors, windows, and pipes. These are notorious trouble spots for rodent entry.
  • Remove clutter. Mice and rats are skittish. When they explore a home, they will use objects to hide under and behind. If you have objects near your home, especially objects that are organic, such as firewood, you are likely to have more problems with rodents getting in. Move objects away to reduce the risk.
  • Move bird feeders. Mice are strongly attracted to seeds on the ground, especially when food resources in nature are dwindling. When birdseed falls from feeders, it creates a food source mice will have a hard time ignoring.
  • Put mesh in downspouts. Rodents can use your downspouts to get up onto your roof, where entry into attic spaces is possible. Wire mesh allows water to come out and prevents rodents from getting up.
  • Trim tree branches. Roof rats commonly use tree branches to get onto roofs. Trim branches to prevent this.

These tips can significantly reduce your chances of an infestation but the best option for keeping rodents out is ongoing rodent pest control performed by a licensed professional. If you’re curious about how this works, we can answer your questions. Spencer Pest Services provides industry-leading pest control in Greenville and the surrounding area. We can help you get the answers and protection you need. If you see warning signs of a rodent infestation this fall or winter, we can help with rodent removal and monitoring within your home. Reach out anytime for immediate assistance.