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Enjoy Your Summer With Our Outdoor Living Package

Summer is a time for outdoor living: family barbecues, badminton games, or just lounging in the backyard. It is also a great time for working outside in your garden. Whatever you like to do in your yard, summer pests can really put a damper on things. Mosquitoesfleasticks, and fire ants–to name a few–can turn a good day into a nightmare.

Mosquitoes: There is nothing that can ruin an outdoor event faster than a rising swarm of mosquitoes just as the late afternoon temperatures are becoming pleasant. Constant swatting does little to help and, contrary to popular belief, bug zappers actually make the problem worse, by luring in mosquitoes, but only killing the male (non-biting) mosquitoes.

Fleas and ticks: These pests can also put a damper on things, as folks would rather not be outside if they know your yard is full of fleas, or worse, disease-carrying ticks. And, constantly checking for ticks is a real pain if you are just trying to relax and enjoy your yard.

Fire ants: Even if there are no mosquitoes, fleas, or ticks around, mounds of fire ants can put an instant stop to any outdoor fun. These little biters are not just annoying, they can be dangerous to people who have an allergy and those who can’t get away from them, such as infants or the infirm.

Spencer’s Outdoor Living Package

With a little help from Spencer Pest Services, your yard can become a safe haven from pesky and potentially dangerous insects. Our Outdoor Living Package has basic pest control which includes: guaranteed protection, seasonal mosquito treatments, outdoor flea and tick control, and fire ant control. In fact, Spencer’s Basic Pest Control covers over 20 different pests, including pesky Kudzu bugs.

This is our most popular choice of pest protection for pet owners and families who love to spend time outdoors. Allowing Spencer’s pest experts to target bugs where they hide, and use their experience and expertise to reduce and eliminate annoying, or potentially dangerous insects is well worth the investment.

If you would like to have a barbecue or a picnic and not be swarmed by fire ants, give us a call. If you would like to play a game of badminton and not be eaten alive by mosquitoes, reach out to us. If you would like to not worry so much about being bitten by ticks that could be carrying Lyme disease, contact us today. Don’t let these annoying pests drive you indoors; Let Spencer’s Outdoor Living Package help you take your yard back. Help is just a few clicks away.