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Essential Steps for Summer Pest Prevention in Greenville

Summertime is cookout time, vacation time, beach time, and unfortunately—pest time. While it would be nice if the entire season meant nothing but days spent lounging in the sun, summer isn’t all good. Most pests are at their most active in the summer, which makes infestations likely if you’re not prepared. However, by following these steps for summer pest prevention in Greenville, you can protect your home from summer pests.

What Pests are Likely to Invade in Summer?

If you can think of any insect that’s local to Greenville, it’s likely to be active at this time of year. Mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches, and ants are all at their peak activity levels in the summer. They thrive in the hot, humid climate South Carolina summers provide and in their wanderings, they can easily end up where you don’t want them—in your home or yard.

Essential Steps for Summer Pest Prevention

Making your home and lawn uninviting to pests is essential in preventing them from taking up residence on your property. Below are some steps you can take to do just that.
Eliminate both indoor and outdoor food sources. Keep food inside stored in airtight containers or the refrigerator. Do not leave food out—clean dishes, counters, and floors of food particles, spills, crumbs, and messes. Outside, remove pet food dishes and keep garbage bins tightly covered.
Reduce water sources indoors and out. Check frequently for leaky pipes and dripping faucets. Lower the humidity in your house with the help of dehumidifiers. Clean out clogged gutters and install proper drainage systems around your home. Fill low spots on your lawn. Look for unexpected items where water collects, such as children’s toys.
Make your house hard to get into by sealing cracks around your foundation. Repair all holes in your siding. Replace torn window screens, and seal gaps around your windows and doors.

Get professional protection for your home and yard

With Spencer Pest Services, you won’t have to worry about summer pests getting into your Greenville home or bothering you while you spend time in your yard. We can protect your home from common summertime pests and make your lawn an enjoyable place to spend pest-free time. Take back your summer and call Spencer.