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Get To Know Bed Bugs

Let’s play a game called True or Untrue. We’ll give you a bed bug fact, and you see if you can figure out if it is true or untrue. Consider playing this game with your kids as well. The more everyone in your household knows about bed bugs, the more chance you’ll have of stopping bed bugs before they torment you. Look to the bottom of the page for complete answers to the questions.

True or Untrue

  1. Bed bugs only live in dirty homes.
  2. Bed bugs are only found in motels and hotels.
  3. I can get bed bugs when I sleep over at a friend’s house.
  4. Bed bugs spread diseases.
  5. Bed bugs only feed at night when carbon dioxide levels rise.
  6. Bed bugs only live in beds.
  7. Bed bugs are always reddish brown.
  8. Bed bugs stink.

Answer Key And Explanation

  1. Untrue. Bed bugs can live in any home. These pests are not drawn to filth like a cockroach or a fly, they will live in any environment that allows them to get a blood meal. But it is important to understand that a cluttered home can help these bugs stay hidden. This, and the fact that bed bugs leave their excrement everywhere, are the two main reasons bed bugs have been connected to dirty homes. Knowing this can help you stay alert for bed bug signs, even in clean environments.
  2. Untrue. While these pests can definitely be found in motels and hotels, infestations are being found in a wide range of other places, such as day cares, retirement facilities, police call centers, movies theaters, retail stores, and more. It is important to always be on the lookout for bed bugs, whether you’re taking in a movie, or opening a box of clothing you got in the mail.
  3. True. When you stay at the home of a friend or family member, you can pick up bed bugs. These bugs can live in a home without detection for quite awhile. Always be looking for signs of bed bugs no matter where you spend the night.
  4. Untrue. These bugs do not climb in your trash and they aren’t attracted to rotting organic matter. So, unlike other dirty pests, bed bugs are not linked to the spread of harmful bacteria or diseases. But that doesn’t mean you want to get bitten by them. Bites from a bed bug can lead to swollen, painful welts.
  5. Untrue. While bed bugs definitely like to come out at night and they can sense when carbon dioxide levels in a room increase, they are able to feed on us when we’re fully awake. The bed bugs that usually feed before it gets dark are immature nymphs, which are smaller. This is important to keep in mind when keeping a wary eye out for bed bugs. You’re not likely to see an adult bed bug in the daytime, unless you flip a mattress or box spring over.
  6. Untrue. Bed bugs have the word bed in their name, but they can infest a lot more places than just your mattress and box spring. They can be found in backboards, behind baseboards, inside wall outlets, under carpet edges, in crown molding, in wall voids, and even inside electronics. But, other than beds, upholstered furniture is their next favorite place to live. So, the next time you’re watching a movie on the couch and feeding on some popcorn, be sure to recognize if bed bugs are feeding on you.
  7. Untrue. When bed bugs first hatch they are white and transparent. As they develop, they turn from white to pale to tan and then a rust-colored brown. In all stages of development, they will appear redder if they are filled with blood. This is a more dramatic color change when they are in their first development stage, If you see a whitish bug with six legs, two antennae and a bright red abdomen feeding on your arm, it is time to call a professional pest control company.
  8. True. Not only does it stink to have bed bugs, these are also stinky bugs. The more bed bugs you have, the stinkier they will get. This is because they release a pheromone scent to communicate with each other. This scent has been described as smelling like a dirty, wet, locker room towel. If you smell this in your home, it may not be your teenager’s hygiene. You might have bed bugs.

Detection is key to keeping bed bugs from riding home with you or your kids, and will help you to identify an infestation early. If you find bed bugs in your home, get a professional to safely and completely remove these bugs. Bed bugs are one of the most difficult household pests to exterminate.