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Getting Rid Of Rodents: What Works, And What Doesn’t

Are you seeing the signs? Are you hearing the evidence? We’re talking about rodents inside your home. If you are hearing the scratching noises in your walls, seeing droppings in your cabinets, and maybe even seeing mice or rats disappearing into a hole in the wall, then you are probably wondering what you can do to get rid of them. But before you go searching for do-it-yourself rodent control methods, or think up some things on your own, check out the following list of actions that generally do not work to get rid of a rodent infestation.

  1. Wait until the rodents decide to leave. Maybe if you just wait out the winter for warmer weather to arrive, all those critters will move back outside on their own. Then you can worry about sealing up your house to keep any additional rodents from getting in. But this won’t work. Once mice, rats, or other rodents have established nests inside your home, they are not likely to leave. They may go outside more when the weather is nicer, but they will likely keep coming back to their nice cozy nest.
  2. Buy a cat, or two, or three… Perhaps if you get enough mousers in your house, they can clean the house out of rodents. While a cat or two may get rid of some of your rodents, it is unlikely they can get them all. Rodents can live in places cats can’t get to. And, they can get to food without going out into open areas.
  3. Purchase some mouse traps. Now it is true that mouse traps, if you know where to place them and how to bait them, will catch some mice. The problem is, you never know when you have gotten them all. Mice and rats multiply quickly and will keep coming back time after time.
  4. Get an electronic pest repeller. These pest repellers emit a high pitched sound that only certain animals, insects, and birds can hear. And it might work, for a while, to repel mice. But, after a time, if the mice get hungry enough, they will learn to ignore the sound and sneak back out into your pantry, kitchen, or anywhere else they can find food.
  5. Make a mixture of chocolate and powder cement. If you do this, and sprinkle it around your home, you may kill some mice. But again, you won’t know if you’ve killed them all, and…you may harm your pets or any small children who decide they’d like some tasty powder-covered chocolate too.

While we could go on and on about what things do not work to effectively get rid of all the rodents in a home, why not get to the one thing that DOES get rid of them? We’re talking about professional rodent control. Here at Spencer Pest Services, we’ve been clearing houses of rodents since 1954! A few mice and rats, or a house full, are no problem for our trained pest specialists. To learn more, schedule your FREE inspection today.