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Greenville Invaded By Bed Bugs

It is not surprising to see that bed bug infestations have risen dramatically over the last ten years here in Greenville, South Carolina. The temperate climate and humidity in our state allows pests of all shapes and sizes to be active longer and multiply faster. But bed bugs are actually a different kind of problem than we’re used to. These are not bugs that live in the wild. For centuries, the bed bug (Cimex lectularius) has lived almost entirely with humans. They have dwelt in every kind of human domicile we have a name for: cottages, mansions, villas, shanties, bungalows, castles, palaces–you name it; bed bugs have lived in it. These bugs don’t need the beautiful weather here in South Carolina. They just need you; someone to feed on. But there are some things we have done to encourage them. Here’s what you need to know.

Bed bugs are stowaways. You’re not going to get bed bugs because they crawled out of the woods and into your home. They climb into the objects we carry around and ride in them with us. Most often, they will do this in larvae form, when they are as tiny as the tip of a pen. Sometimes they will lay a batch of eggs that can hatch on their own once they get to where you’re going. It is a lack of understanding this fact about bed bugs that has led to the incredible growth of this pest in the U.S. over the last fifteen years.

Most of us know by now that it is important to be on the alert for bed bugs when we travel, but this is actually a recent understanding for most. It may take several frustrating home infestations for some to get to a place where they are finally doing bed bug searches when they stay somewhere. It will take more time for this understanding to grow to where it needs to be. You see, bed bugs don’t just infest hotels and motels; these bugs can be practically anywhere that people sit, lounge, or sleep.

If you’re only looking for them in hotels and motels, you could miss them when they return home with your child after a sleepover at a friend’s house. You may miss them when you accidentally bring them home from work. You may miss them when they hitch a ride on you when you hitch a ride in a taxi cab.

There are two primary ways to stop the growth of bed bug infestations in Greenville. Learn to recognize the signs of a bed bug infestation and get routine bed bug inspections for your home or business. This is a powerful combination that works to stop these blood-eating insects in their tracks. Together, we can make Greenville a safer place to visit–and live.