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Greenville’s Property Managers Have A Friend In Spencer Pest Services

Protect your Property from pests year-round

Running a successful business is all about who you know and who is on your side. With the right friends, when trouble comes knocking, you know who to call. The question is, do you have a friend for pest control? When you find cockroaches in your kitchen, or rodents in your warehouse, who can you trust to get them out? We are here today to throw our hat into the ring to prove to you why Spencer Pest Services is your best choice for pest control in the Greenville area. Let us prove to you why we are the friends you need.

Our Pest Control Services

Your business building is not built like the one next door, or the one down the street. We understand this here at Spencer Pest Services. This is why we customize our pest control to serve the needs of each individual building. 

It all starts with a thorough inspection of a business property. In this examination, we identify what pest pressures the business is up against. Using this information, we apply our top-of-the-line pest control products in targeted areas around (and sometimes inside) a business. These products work around the clock to keep pests out, ensuring that the business remains pest-free. Our methods rarely fail, but if pests return before our next scheduled visit, we return ASAP to retreat for pests at no additional cost.

Whether you run a warehouse, manufacturing facility, restaurant, apartment complex, or are in the business of building new homes, we have a reliable pest control option for you.

Nothing Beats Our Customer Services

With some pest control companies, getting a technician out to your property can be difficult. You might be just a name on a long list of clients, often neglected, and not getting the service you deserve. Here at Spencer Pest Services, our customers are our number-one concern. This is why we offer the following services.

  • Same Day Service For Emergencies
  • Fixed Appointments
  • Green Pest Control Options

When you need us, we will be there. If you scheduled a time for us to visit, we won’t be early or late, and if you prefer green options over conventional pest control, we will provide you with what you need.

Ongoing Pest Control Services

Unlike other pest control services, we don’t just treat once and leave the rest to chance. Our pest control comes with scheduled visits. During these visits, we will retreat areas before the products become inefficient at keeping pests away and we track pest pressures to know if we need to put any new measures in place.

Why We Are Your Best Choice For Property Management Pest Control

When you own rental properties, whether big or small, keeping pests away from your residence is extremely important. All it takes is one cockroach in a kitchen, or a centipede in a bathroom to scare away potential renters. This is why we offer premium services for property owners. This pest control option goes above and beyond to ensure your properties have the absolute best pest protection possible.

If you would like to schedule services for your business property or have questions about how our pest control works, feel free to give us a call anytime. We are the friends you need for all your pest control concerns!