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Help, Squirrels Are Flying In & Out Of My Greenville Attic

While they might look cute, flying squirrels are not so cute if they are inside your Greenville attic. While flying squirrels aren’t aggressive to humans, they can wreak havoc on your home. It is important to know how to identify flying squirrels and to learn some basic tips for keeping them out. If you already have a problem with flying squirrels in your Greenville attic, the safest way to have them removed is to contact Spencer Pest Services for assistance.

Identifying Flying Squirrels

Flying squirrels look like ground squirrels except for one distinct difference. Southern flying squirrels are brown to grey in color with a lighter-colored underbelly. They are usually a bit smaller than regular squirrels, but that’s not what sets them apart. The extra skin-like webbing between their sets of legs is the difference. This webbing can make it look like flying squirrels have wings, but they are not wings. They use this webbing to glide. They do not actually fly.

Flying Squirrels in your Home     

Like many rodents and other wildlife, southern flying squirrels can cause damage if they get inside a home. Flying squirrels aren’t potty trained so they urine and feces wherever they roam. They like to gnaw and will chew through wood and wires and anything else they can get their teeth on. Furthermore, flying squirrels can carry other pests into your home such as fleas and ticks. These squirrels nest in insulation or other areas of an attic.

Keeping Flying Squirrels Out  

It’s best to keep flying squirrels outdoors where they belong. You can take some preventative measures around your Greenville home to help keep flying squirrels out.

  • Close off any openings like vents and chimneys with vent screens and chimney caps
  • Examine your soffits, roof, and around doors and windows and fix any gaps or holes
  • Trim back trees to make it harder for flying squirrels to jump to your roof

Professional Help with Southern Flying Squirrels

You might exhaust yourself trying to take preventative steps to keep flying squirrels out only to have them still find their way into your home. At Spencer Pest Services, we can safely and humanely remove any flying squirrels from your home and help you with year-round protection to keep them out. Contact us today for help stopping squirrels from flying in and out of your Greenville attic.