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Hendersonville’s Guide To The Hairy, Scary Wolf Spider

Here’s a riddle for you: What’s hairy and gross and can make you leap 3 feet into the air? Yup. Wolf spiders. Of all the spiders that get into Hendersonville homes, this one is the biggest and the furriest. Let’s take a moment to talk about what you can expect from wolf spiders when they come into your yard or get into your home.

Wolf Spiders Are Hunter Spiders

While all house spiders are predators and all house spiders have venom with which they subdue their prey, wolf spiders are somewhat unique. They don’t weave a web and wait for something to fly or crawl into it. These spiders hunt for their prey using their exceptional eyesight. They can, however, create webbing. They just use their webs in a different way. They create a web around the entrance of their burrows so they can have protection when they retreat into their burrows to hide.

Wolf Spiders Are Burrowing Spiders

Wolf spiders prefer to live in holes. Sometimes, they create holes themselves. The holes created by wolf spiders are usually shallow. Since they prefer to be in ground holes, these spiders don’t stay inside our Hendersonville homes. They come and go. When they get in, they can be found in dark, humid locations.

Wolf Spiders Are Biting Spiders

If you trap or scare a wolf spider, it can bite you. Bites from wolf spiders can be compared to a bee sting. The wound may be a red bump or it may have an ulcer in the center. Some people experience flu-like symptoms when they are bitten by a wolf spider, including chills, fever, sweating and abdominal pain.

Wolf Spider Control

The best way to protect yourself and everyone in your home from wolf spiders is to seal gaps, cracks and holes in your exterior. Look closely around door and window frames, pipes, wire conduit, and wall penetrations. You can also impact wolf spider populations around your home by reducing moisture, bugs, and hiding spots.

While this little article isn’t everything you need to know about wolf spiders, hopefully, it has given you a few important facts to chew on. If you’d like help controlling wolf spiders and/or other pests, remember that Spencer Pest Services offers eco-friendly, family-friendly, industry-leading pest control in Hendersonville and throughout our North Carolina and South Carolina service areas. When you have pest control problems, we have pest control answers. Don’t hesitate, contact us today!