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House Friendly And Termite Deadly

The Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, and the White House all have it. Your neighbors may have it. In fact, more than 2 million structures in the United States have been protected by it. It’s earth-friendly, but it is deadly to one thing. Termites. The Sentricon® System is the No. 1 brand1 in termite protection, and it will not damage your home, your land or your water.

Developed through extensive research, Sentricon eliminates the termite colony. Termite workers feed on the bait in the stations and then share it with the rest of the colony, eventually eliminating the entire colony, including the termite queen, which can produce more than a million eggs during her lifetime.

While providing powerful home protection, the Sentricon System also helps meet the environmental considerations of homeowners. The original Sentricon System is the only pest control product to earn the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, an award presented by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Sentricon System bait uses only a small amount of active ingredient and is installed enclosed in in-ground stations spaced to form a protective ring around a home.

Sentricon® is available only through highly trained Certified Sentricon Specialists™. These pest management professionals understand termite behavior and use Sentricon to eliminate termite colonies and prevent future termite damage.

Termites are a serious problem, costing homeowners an estimated $5 billion per year.2 So, it’s nice to know the Sentricon System proves it’s possible to be both earth-friendly and termite-deadly. With Sentricon, you can go green and still kill the queen. Learn more at Sentricon.com.