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How Does Fire Ant Control Work?

Can you imagine allowing your next door neighbor to change the property line and start setting up their lawn chairs and grill in your yard? Can you imagine allowing your neighbor’s kids to chase your dog or cats around your yard and randomly come up to you and pinch your ankles or feet? Of course not! Yet we let fire ants encroach on our property all the time, and we let them plague our pets and our ankles with their bites. But we don’t have to. Fire ants can actually be controlled. You don’t have to live with them coming onto your property and pretending like it’s theirs. Here’s how it works.

There are lots of ways people try to get rid of fire ants. Some of them are quite extreme. But, the best way to get rid of any ant infestation is through the use of bait. At Spencer Pest Services, we trust Advion fire ant bait to arrest fire ant infestations. When this product is applied in the right amounts, to the proper places, three times a year, it is an effective solution for fire ants. In fact, it is so good at arresting fire ant problems, we guarantee that your yard will be free of fire ants. That means your pets can run around in the yard without being tormented by bites. Your kids can play on the swing sets and on the lawn without accidentally stepping on a fire ant mound. And you can enjoy your backyard without being surprised by these tiny little biters.

3 Reasons To Get A Professional

  • When you have a professional take care of your fire ant control, you don’t have to do the work. Your technician will inspect your yard, apply the treatment, and ensure that all of the steps are followed precisely. They’ll also make sure it is done when it needs to be done. You don’t have to think about it at all.
  • Pest control is seldom straightforward. When you have a professional take care of fire ants, they’ll make sure to account for any problems that could prevent the treatment from being effective.
  • A professional can also provide protection from mosquitoesticksfleasbox elder bugsstink bugs, and kudzu bugs while they’re taking care of the fire ants.

If you’re in our Upstate South Carolina service area, schedule a free inspection, and we’ll take a look at the pest pressures in your yard, together. We can walk you through all the options that are available, and you can pick the services that work best for you. Your yard is YOUR yard, don’t let fire ants take over. Reach out to us today.