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How Does Professional Bat Exclusion Work?

Most of us have that one friend who has a story about a bat flying around their house at night. It accompanies a lot of shrieking and ducking and hiding, and maybe even a broom being swung through the air. Having a bat invade your home is probably one of the worst things most of us can imagine when it comes to pests. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence. Summer bugs attract bats to our homes, especially around dusk when pests and bat activity peaks. Professional bat exclusion is one of the most effective ways to keep bats from entering your Greenville home.

Bats Love Bugs

The more bugs you have on your Greenville property, the better your chances are of attracting bats. Bats feed on mosquitoes and other flying insects. While having bats eat these pests can be beneficial, it’s not a good idea to try to attract them. In the early evening when mosquitoes, moths, beetles, and other insects are emerging from their daytime hiding spots, the bats will come out too, preying on these pests.

Professional Treatment for Bats

Bats can carry diseases, namely rabies. It’s never a good idea to try to trap or handle bats yourself. Pest control experts know how to safely handle and eliminate bats. They also have techniques for excluding bats from your home.

Some of the things they do to keep bats out are:

  • Install vent screens.
  • Put chimney caps in place.
  • Caulk around windows and doors.
  • Seal areas around utility wires and pipes that enter your home through its exterior.
  • Give recommendations for tree removal and reduction of tree cover.
  • Set traps.

Spencer Pest Services for Wildlife Problems

Spencer Pest Services doesn’t only deal with bats. We handle all forms of wildlife problems. We conduct an inspection of your Greenville property to determine problem areas. We then work on entry points to exclude pests. Additionally, we set traps, if necessary, to removed wildlife from your home. Finally, we help with clean up of pet excrement and other damage they may have caused.
If you have a problem with bats or other wildlife in your Greenville, South Carolina, area home, please contact us at Spencer Pest Services immediately. We will keep the shrieking and broom swinging to a minimum while we rid your home of bats!