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How Fleas Get Into Greenville Yards

As we go forward into spring and summer, there are many pests we need to keep an eye out for here in Greenville, South Carolina. Fleas are one of those incredibly frustrating pests that never seem to go away once they’ve gotten into your home, no matter what you do to try and get rid of them. Many people make the mistake of falsely believing only households with pets have the potential to become infested with fleas; this is simply not true. While pets do often play a large part in flea invasions, they are not the only reason fleas could get into your home. Fleas are capable of traveling into your yard or home by catching a ride on a warm-blooded pest animal, such as a rodent, raccoon, or even opossum. 

Once fleas have gotten into your yard, all it takes is you or a pet bringing them inside your home to begin a flea infestation. Fleas are a type of parasitic pest that must feed on the blood of a host to stay alive. Usually, the only way fleas are able to get into your home or yard is by being brought there by another human or by an animal. These tiny, irritating pests have strong legs that allow them to leap from one host to another, or from one host into your yard so they can wait for a new host to pass by. And even if you are a pet owner, fleas in your home may be an indication of a more serious pest problem on your property since rats and mice can carry fleas into Greenville homes. Common rodent-entry points into homes include:

  • Gaps in foundations
  • Torn window or door screens
  • Open ventilation systems
  • Poorly sealed utility openings
  • Cracks or crevices in exterior walls or roofline

If fleas have invaded your property, the best way to get rid of them is by contacting a trusted pest professional. Here at Spencer Pest Services, we understand that fleas can drive you crazy with their biting and the difficulty of removing them. For this reason, we provide mosquito, tick, and flea services to keep your home and property protected from the frustrations and dangers of blood-sucking pests. We will also inspect your property for any signs of rodents that may have caused your flea problem to begin with. To keep you and your pets protected from fleas, reach out to the pest professionals here at Spencer Pest Services today!