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How Flying Squirrels Cause Damage Inside Greenville Homes

There are many ways a flying squirrel can cause damage when it gets into a home. Squirrels are rodents, and all rodents have ever-growing incisors that must be filed down through constant chewing. So aside from chewing its way into your home through your soffits, eaves, fascia, roofline, or seal around your roof penetrations, these critters chew on objects inside homes. They’ll gnaw on the wood of your attic walls and on wiring. (If they chew on a live wire it can lead to a house fire.) They can also chew on stored boxes, stored furniture, and other items you have up in your attic space. But chewing on your stuff is not the only way flying squirrels can do damage. Here are a few more issues to consider.

Damage caused by flying squirrels may come as a result of these animals leaving their urine and feces everywhere. They are far from polite houseguests. The waste products left by flying squirrels can contaminate your attic spaces and any of the items you have up there. This can present a frustrating and possibly dangerous clean-up job for you to deal with. Or you may decide to pay out a lot of hard earned money to have someone clean it up for you.
If a flying squirrel chews its way into one of your stored boxes, it could damage a valuable keepsake, like a wedding dress that has been passed down from generation to generation or a collectible card collection. These can be difficult or impossible to replace.

When squirrels get in, they can bring other serious pests with them. A tick, flea, lice or mite infestation can arise from a squirrel infestation, depending on the conditions of the infestation. As you are probably aware, the diseases ticks can spread are numerous and startling. Many of them can be fatal or lead to lifelong health problems. The damage caused by these secondary pests is the burden of healthcare costs and a much lower quality of life.

Squirrel Season

Flying squirrels can be active all year long. They don’t hibernate. If they get into your Greenville home in the fall, which they are prone to do, they can make bumping noises in your attic spaces or in your walls all winter. This can keep you up at night because, unlike other squirrels that are active in the day, flying squirrels are nocturnal. The time to stop them from getting in is during the fall months as cold temperatures can drive them into your home.

What to Do About Flying Squirrels

When wild animals get into your home it isn’t time to call Animal Control. The government deals primarily with domesticated pest issues or dangerous animals that present a threat to the public’s welfare. Even if they did, they wouldn’t help you protect your home from future infestations. This is a job for a wildlife management company. A licensed and experienced wildlife management professional will use appropriate gear, products, and methods to safely extract these animals from your home and offer options that will prevent ongoing infestation. But not all wildlife management professionals are the same. Find a company like Spencer Pest Services. One that offers:

  • Wildlife management services that have been shown to meet the expectations of home and business owners.
  • Exclusion services to seal entry points and keep wildlife out.
  • Trapping services that work to remove wildlife from your home.
  • A sanitization service that works to remove the pheromone scent left by rodents and neutralized feces and urine.
  • Coverage for ticks, fleas, and other parasites that rodents bring in.
  • Coverage for your foundation perimeter. It might not be enough to just seal your walls. If rodents, like those flying squirrels, keep coming into your yard and chewing on your home, they can get in. It might be necessary to set up bait stations to stop them. Bait stations also work as a way to monitor rodent activity. Your Spencer Pest Professional will give you the information you need to make a sound decision on whether or not this is right for your situation.
  • A one-year warranty. Make sure you find a company that gives you a warranty of service. There is nothing worse than having to pay for a wildlife service twice.

When it comes to wildlife pest threats, don’t trust just anyone. Go with the company that offers the most comprehensive wildlife control service. If you live in Greenville or the surrounding area, contact Spencer Pest Services for a consultation. We have the experience and professionalism to get the job done right.