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How Greenville Residents Can Protect Their Homes From Fire Ants

With the return of warm spring weather, we also see a return of spring pests. Some are simply nuisance pests and others present dangers to the well-being of ourselves, our families, and our pets. While we usually think of ants in the first category- a nuisance if they get inside, but nothing to worry about – some ants can actually become quite a problem. Fire ants are one such ant. How can Greenville residents protect their homes as fire ants return this spring? That’s what we’ll address below.

What Makes Fire Ants Dangerous

Most ants don’t bite or sting. Even if you discover one crawling up your leg, it’s no cause for concern. You can simply flick it off and go about your day.
Fire ants are not that kind of ant. They will sting when they feel they’re in danger and, since they are often with a large group of colony members, chances are, if you receive one sting you’ll receive many. For most people, this will be an incredibly painful experience, but for some, it can be far worse if they have an allergic reaction to the bites.
When you couple this information with the fact that the queen of a fire ant colony can lay up to 800 eggs every day, you can see how even a small colony could grow to dangerous numbers quickly. Finding one fire ant mound in your yard is bad enough, but with a large enough number of fire ants living on your property, you’re sure to find many fire ant mounds.

How to Prevent Fire Ants From Entering Your Property

Fire ants are attracted to areas that provide them with a food supply. They eat a number of different things, from plants to sweets to small animals. However, fire ants also forage for food, so simply eliminating food sources from your property is not a sure way to prevent them from ending up in your yard or home.
The best way to keep fire ants off your property is through the careful application of fire ant bait. Although some Greenville homeowners attempt DIY elimination methods upon the discovery of fire ants, these are rarely effective at killing the entire colony, including the most important member, the queen.
It’s a smart idea to bring in the professionals from Spencer Pest Control. Our pest control technicians understand how fire ants work, and they are trained in proper fire ant control protocol. We apply fire ant bait in the proper areas and in the proper amounts to eliminate and prevent fire ant problems, while also keeping your family and pets safe. Our tri-yearly treatments ensure that your Greenville home remains fire ant-free permanently. Give us a call to learn more about our services.