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How Long Will Ants Stay Active Around Greenville?

South Carolina is fortunate to experience their seasons without much extreme weather. Summers are warm but not insufferable, spring and fall are picture-perfect, and the weather gets cool during winter without the miserable cold and snow of some other states. The moderate weather shifts are great for people, but unfortunately can also be great for ants. Ants can survive year-round in any state if they get inside. But without harsh winters, they can survive for much longer, even outside, here in Greenville.

When Is Ant Season?

Ant season can last year-round. You’re most likely to find ants in your home during the summer and into the fall. During the fall months, the weather outside will begin to drop, and ants may try to find shelter in your home. They may also become more active as they try to gather enough food to last through the winter. They can easily find this food in your home since they feed on crumbs and spills that you may not even notice. They can also get inside your pantry and cabinets. Once ants come inside, the controlled temperature inside your home makes it possible for them to survive year-round.

Warm Weather Inevitability

During the summer most insects are active, and it can be nearly impossible to keep them away from your home. If you open your windows or doors during the summer, ants will have easy access to your kitchen. They thrive on moisture, so the humidity of summers in Greenville make them more active than ever. You can try to prevent ants by keeping your kitchen clean and sealing all food and garbage, but you may find some scouting ants no matter what you try.

Ants in Mild Climates

You may think that if ants are active during the summer, that means they will disappear during the winter. Unfortunately, this isn’t true in South Carolina. Ants can make it through a mild winter, and in Greenville there are few if any, months cold enough to make ants dormant. Instead, they might even become more active in the fall as they try to find a warm place to wait out the winter, such as your home.

Ant Warning Signs

One sure sign that you have an ant problem is seeing the ants themselves. If you notice several ants in your kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of your house, you can be sure there are more. You’ll probably find ants once they’ve found food. You may see several ants crowded around a crumb, or a line of ants crossing through your kitchen. If you have carpenter ants, you might notice their presence because you see damage in the wooden structures of your home. You may also see bits of sawdust they leave behind as they make tunnels through the building.

The Danger of An Ant Infestation

Carpenter ants can be extremely damaging to your home. It’s important to eliminate carpenter ants as soon as you know you have a problem before they can cause more damage. Other ants can also cause problems, though. They can carry germs across your kitchen. Many of them release a bad odor when crushed. Some ants, such as fire ants, can cause painful bites. Other ants are just a nuisance and can make it difficult to live in your own home.

When to Call Spencer Pest Services

If you have an ant infestation, or even if you only think you do, your best bet is to call Spencer Pest Services. We can complete an inspection at any time of year to determine the species of ant, the point of entry, and the factors attracting them. From there, we can complete the correct treatment plan to eliminate ants and help prevent them from entering in the future. South Carolina ants are active year-round. Luckily, we at Spencer Pest Services are ready to fight them any time of year.