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How Pest Management Can Make A Difference?

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The roof rat infestation breeding in your attic is quelled before the rats chew through electrical wires and start a fire.  The chronic, chemical-resistant bed bug battle is finally eliminated in your bedroom. 

During your last termite inspection, the large but incipient water leak under your kitchen is detected by your pest management professional before your subfloor rots and is infested by termites. The ants in the dog food bowl are finally gone after you’ve sprayed and sprayed and sprayed (and probably prayed too).

Rats are neophobic (scared of new objects) making trapping and control efforts very difficult. Did you know rodents account for 20-25 of fires of unknown origin according to the National Pest Management Association? 

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to common insecticides like pyrethroids, making your control efforts even more difficult. Termites go hand and hand with moisture. Along with your long to-do list that includes picking up the kids from school, making dinner, changing the cat litter, cutting the grass, helping with homework, and doing the laundry, do you really want to add crawling under the house in that 24-inch-tall crawl space and checking for termites and moisture to the list? 

Spraying for ants might kill the 5-10 percent of the colony out foraging for food at any given time but what about the other 90 -95 percent nesting in your wall void? 

What Can Spencer Pest Services Offer You?

Pest management professionals at Spencer Pest Services have had years of experience and are expertly trained to handle the most difficult pest situations. You have enough on your mind/schedule to worry about. See what Spencer Pest can do to make a positive impact on your life and property today. Call us on 864-432-1776 or schedule your pest services now!