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How Rodents Break Into South Carolina Homes

Let me ask you a question. How hard would it be to break into your home? Really think about it. Now, imagine for a second, that you were shrunk down to the size of a mouse, with the ability to squeeze through nickel-sized holes and climb up vertical walls. How hard would it be then? Before you go into full detective mode, let us help you by uncovering the secret ways mice and their other rodent friends will try to invade your home this fall.

All it Takes is a Crack

How often does structural damage around your home go unnoticed? Have you ever been trimming the hedges and found a basement window broken? Everyday damage around our homes flies under our radar. It is these breaks, tears, and cracks that give rodents a clear path into our homes. Let’s take a look at some prevention tips, along with some common mistakes we as homeowners may be making, that invite rodents into our homes.

  • Locate and repair any gaps, cracks, or holes in your foundation with a caulking gun. Often this is the first place rodents will look when trying to get inside.
  • Check to make sure doors and windows are airtight. If they are leaking air, they might also leak rodents (into your home). Replace and repair doors and windows as necessary.
  • Trim back branches away from the roofline of your home. Rodents are adept climbers and have been known to make leaps of faith just to get onto roofs.
  • Inspect roof ventilation, and chimney vents for damage. If you have an open chimney, consider having something installed to close it off.
  • Keep food off countertops and stored away in sturdy airtight containers. If rodents enter our homes to find it free of food, they will eventually leave, when they get hungry enough.
  • Feed pets in the morning and remove leftover food immediately.
  • Keep your kitchen and food-prep stations clean as much as possible. Rats prefer filth over cleanliness. The cleaner your home, the less appealing it will be to rats.
  • Call a professional. The most common mistake homeowners make is not calling a professional immediately, but instead, risking things with traps and chemicals, which often is not enough, and can be potentially dangerous.

How a Professional Can Help

When it comes to stopping rodents from breaking into homes, there is no one better than Spencer Pest. Servicing GreenvilleSpartanburg, and communities throughout South Carolina, our licensed professionals are ready to help if your home is being threatened by a rodent infestation. We have been successfully dealing with pests since 1952, give us a call today to learn more about our residential pest control options.