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How To Avoid Fire Ants This Summer

Summer is finally here! As nice as the rest of the year may be, many of us just can’t wait for summer sunshine and all of the fun things to do that are associated with it. From relaxing on the patio with a cool drink and a good book to neighborhood barbecues to family volleyball championships in the backyard, we just can’t wait to make the most of each day. What then, could be worse this time of the year than to discover that a get together that you spent weeks planning and preparing for with friends and family suddenly becomes a nightmare as your guests are swarmed by fire ants that you had no idea your backyard was harboring?

The fire ant is a common, howbeit, unexpected pest to have living in the yard. Though they are not a native species, they have spread across the country without any opposition from natural enemies to keep them in check. Ants are normally just a complete nuisance to have around, but the fire ant is different. These ants are extraordinarily aggressive and will swarm out of a nest if disturbed to attack the intruder. They bite and sting the perceived threat to the colony leaving painful welts on both pets and humans. An attack by a great number of fire ants can be extremely dangerous and should be seen to by a medical professional.

Finding that you have fire ants living just under the surface of your lawn might send you scurrying to the hardware store for some over-the-counter products to treat this threat. However, it is unlikely that any of the products offered will make a lasting impact on a fire ant infestation. A fire ant colony can easily number over 250,000 ants. The entrances that you see the worker ants crawling in and out of are just a fraction of the space that the nest actually includes. Spraying any pesticides in these areas will likely only kill a few workers, who are quickly replaced by more. It may, however, aggravate the nest enough to attack, or the products themselves may prove to be more of a danger to your family, your pets, or your greenery than the ants are.

If you find fire ants have moved into your yard, don’t take chances with your family’s health. Give Spencer Pest Services a call. Our staff is highly skilled at dealing with any types of pests both inside the home and out. After an inspection by one of our certified technicians, you can count on swift and courteous service, as well as a fire ant free yard. Don’t let fire ants destroy your summer of fun when Spencer Pest Services offers effective fire ant control