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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Your South Carolina Home Permanently

Flea infestation can be among the most frustrating of all pest infestations. If you haven’t experienced flea problems, consider yourself lucky! However, just because you haven’t experienced an infestation doesn’t mean you are shielded against flea problems in the future. In fact, this season is a high-risk time for developing flea infestations and an important time to put some preventative measures against these pests in place. The weather this fall coupled with the effects of hurricane season is likely to drive these fleas indoors. If these pests find their way indoors, your warm home will then become a breeding ground for fleas, and they can grow to an overwhelming number. A single female flea can lay up to 600 eggs in just one month! Don’t let the fleas get out of control this season.
If you’ve ever seen a flea, you know they’re very small. Adult fleas only grow to about an eighth of an inch—just a tiny, dark-colored speck that’s easily mistaken until they leap. Fleas can jump six inches in height and up to a foot in length. Considering their size, this is a huge distance! Their ability to jump long distances makes it very easy for them to hop onto people or pets to gain access to a feeding source or to find a way into your home. Fleas can also get inside homes by hitching a ride on invading rodents or wildlife animals that have found their way inside your home. For this reason, it’s possible to experience flea invasions even if you don’t have pets!
Homeowners have spent many sleepless nights fighting flea infestations. These biting pests can cause a lot of discomfort for both people and pets. When they bite, fleas leave clusters of red, itchy bumps on people and pets and are capable of spreading diseases such as cat scratch disease, typhus, tapeworm, and more. It is important to note that, while this is common for pets, if you practice good hygiene, you’ll likely remain safe. Fleas aren’t able to live on humans like they can with pets, so flea infestations are more likely to affect them more than humans. However, this doesn’t mean that flea infestations don’t negatively affect homeowners. In addition to the health problems listed above, secondary infections from flea bites can occur in both people and pets due to the constant scratching.
Before you become bombarded with fleas and the health hazards that they bring, it’s helpful to put some prevention methods in place. If you have pets, it is important to take measures to protect them against these parasitic pests. Consult your veterinarian on how best to accomplish this. Your pet’s veterinarian may recommend a variety of different options such as flea collars, sprays, pills, or other treatment options. The next step is to protect your home from rodents! If you have a rodent or wildlife infestation, the fleas will remain in your home as long as the infestation continues. To help prevent infestations, make sure there are no openings in the exterior of your home that rodent or wildlife pests could use as an entry point into your home. It is usually necessary to contact a professional to remove wildlife pests. If fleas have found their way into your home, washing all your and your pet’s bedding routinely and vacuuming the rugs and furniture in your home on a daily basis can help to eliminate them.
Unfortunately, it’s rare for DIY treatments to be completely effective. Fleas often live and lay their eggs in carpets and rugs and their eggs and pupae can be so embedded in the carpet that a household vacuum won’t pick them up. Then you’re left with a never-ending flea problem. So, how do you get rid of fleas permanently? Partnering with a pests control professional in Greenville is key when dealing with these persistent pests, and no one beats Spencer Pest Services when it comes to flea elimination! At Spencer, we take flea infestation seriously and will work with you to help eliminate them for good. In fact, we guarantee that with our year-round services in place, flea problems will not recur! Contact Spencer Pest Services today to learn more about how we can help solve your flea problems!