How to Keep Roaches Out of My Home.

Keep Roaches out of your home

If you’ve seen one roach, there’s a 1000 more hiding somewhere” is oft-repeated line homeowners and apartment dwellers hear, but how true is this really?

Types Of Cockroaches

Well, like most things in life the answer is a bit nuanced. To the shock of most homeowners, there are about 30 different species (among the almost 4500 species of cockroaches worldwide) that are considered pests. In the upstate of South Carolina and Western North Carolina, we are most likely to deal with 4 types of cockroaches.            

4 Most Common Cockroaches in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson SC
  • – Smoky brown cockroaches
  • – American cockroaches
  • – The dreaded German cockroach
  • – Brown-banded cockroaches.

These 4 roach types tend to fall into 2 groups. Roaches that live around your home and occasionally come in e.g., the smoky brown and American roach (peridomestic roaches) and those who pretty much live exclusively inside your home e.g, the German and the brown-banded roach (domestic roaches).

Where Do These Cockroaches Live?

While neither of these roaches is thrilling to encounter (in fact most people either don’t realize those big “water bugs” are indeed roaches or prefer to not say the “R” word in fear of conjuring a massive infestation or of being accused as unsanitary) one group, the peridomestic roaches usually will not take over your house in a shocking display of roach horror, simply because they prefer very high humidity like a wet tree hole or a thick bed of mulch compared to your nicely air-conditioned living room. Also as far as roaches go, they don’t reproduce at nearly as high of a clip as do German roaches (we’ll get to those guys below). While damp basements/crawl spaces and leaky roofs can certainly cause chronic infestations, the best course of action is to keep them out before they get in.  And the good news is there is probably not 1000 lurking in your bedroom wall. 

The second group of roaches, the domestic roach, is much more likely to have 100 or 1000 relatives hanging out somewhere in close proximity to you and your kitchen or bathroom. This is because they reproduce like crazy and pretty much only live in human dwellings. If you’ve seen a small (less than one inch) brown roach with parallel lines running its body length (german) or brown bands running horizontally (you guessed it, brown-banded roaches), there is a good possibility you have more sneaking around, especially if you’ve seen some in the middle of the day or when the lights are on for a while, since these roaches are more secretive by nature.

How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

Too much roach talk to take in?

Let the professionals at Spencer Pest Services solve all your roach issues by positively identifying which type of roach you’re dealing with and implementing the best plan of attack. for treatment of your cockroach

We offer integrated recommendations and approaches for those big, scary “palmetto bugs” such as:

  • reducing ground cover
  • changing types of exterior lighting that can attract roaches
  • trimming trees, bushes, and ivy back from your home
  • moisture control in damp crawl spaces
  • applying naturally based
  • least toxic baits around your home

For domestic roaches:

  • control measures that will drop populations immediately and keep them at bay
  • low impact insecticides that are targeted to areas where only roaches can contact them
  • methods to eliminate the source and conditions that cause roach infestations

Roach control and peace of mind are just one phone call, click, or text away from being yours with Spencer Pest Services!