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How to Minimize Your Risk for Carpenter Bee Damage in Greenville

Now that we’re in the thick of summer, bugs are at their peak. Your yard is probably littered with ant hills, buzzing with mosquitoes, and alive with stinging insects. If carpenter bees are one of the pests in the mix, you’ll want to minimize your risk for carpenter bee damage to your Greenville home.

What are Carpenter Bees and Why are They Dangerous?

Carpenter bees look similar to bumble bees. They have the big furry bodies that bumble bees do, with one notable difference—their black abdomens are smooth, not furry. Carpenter bees don’t build hives. Instead, they bore holes into wood and nest inside, causing problems for homeowners. If carpenter bees begin digging holes into your porch or the sides of your house, over time, will cause serious damage.

How to Minimize Your Risk for Carpenter Bee Damage in Your Greenville Home

There are certain things you can do to try to protect your home and wooden structures from the damage caused by carpenter bees.

First, make your property unappealing to bees. Keep food sources to a minimum by keeping flowering plants away from your house and putting tightly fitting lids on garbage cans. Minimize water sources by cleaning clogged gutters, fixing dripping spigots, and eliminating excess moisture.

Next, make your wooden structures unappealing to bees. Carpenter bees are most likely to nest in untreated wood. This means that painting, staining, or otherwise treating the wood on and around your house will help minimize your risk for carpenter bee damage.

Finally, call in Spencer Pest Services if you even suspect you have carpenter bees. These professionals won’t just minimize your risk of carpenter bee damage—they will eliminate it. When it comes to keeping your home safe and sound, you want to take the most effective action possible. Call Spencer to set up an appointment and say goodbye to carpenter bees.