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How to Prevent Wolf Spiders Around Your Greenville Home

Nothing gives the shivers more than these eight-eyed, eight-legged, hairy, wall-climbing beasts. Dark brown or black and covered in hair, wolf spiders are not as dangerous as they look. These arachnids are unique hunters that out-speed their insect prey with long, spiny legs. Contrary to popular belief, these large spiders are quiet and docile and prefer to stick to themselves. Unlike wolves, these spiders don’t see humans as a food source, but this doesn’t mean they don’t cause problems for Anderson homeowners.

Once wolf spiders have found their way into your home, it may be difficult to convince them to leave. These nuisances are typically active during the early fall through the winter seasons, using your home as a safe ‘den’ while scouting for meals. If wolf spiders are hunting prey inside your home, this may be a sign of a pest infestation of another kind. Finally, while bites are rare, severe side effects may last for up to ten days and require immediate medical attention.

Ward off the Webs

Wolf spiders are pests that love to ‘stick’ around. Here are some tips to keep them out of the home.

  • Get an inspection to see if another infestation is taking place which is attracting wolf spiders.
  • Keep tall shrubs, trees, plants, and vines off the sides of your home, preventing spiders from exploring and finding entry points. 
  • Check doors, walls, foundations, and windows for cracks or other openings where spiders can get in. Fix whatever you find as soon as possible. 
  • Got moisture? Run a dehumidifier in areas that hold water. Check for leaky pipes or water lines if the issue seems serious.

Preventative measures go a long way towards keeping wolf spiders out of the home, but these methods are not fail-proof by any means.

Spencer Can Help! 

Spiders are some of the most complicated pests to eliminate due to their crafty hiding places and quiet domination of dark, infrequently-used areas. After an initial inspection, our friendly team members will discuss with you the myriad of techniques Spencers offers for pest control of all kinds. We offer four pest protection packages. For over fifty years homeowners have chosen Spencers for their pest control needs. If you have spider problems of any kind, contact the knowledgeable pros at Spencers, your pest control experts in the South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia areas.