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How To Protect Your Home Against Carpenter Bees

carpenter bee in greenville south carolina

We often fear bees because we are afraid of their painful stings. Carpenter bees rarely sting people, as they are not aggressive and only the females have stingers. However, when a bee is buzzing around your head, how often do you take the time to examine it to determine which kind of bee it is? Likely, in mid-swat, you also aren’t trying to identify the sex. We don’t often think about other problems bees may cause, either. But carpenter bees, while relatively harmless to humans, can do a great deal of damage to homes. For these reasons, you don’t want carpenter bees taking up residence near your Greenville home.

Why Carpenter Bees are so Destructive 

Unlike many bees who construct their hives by attaching them to trees, under your leaves or underground, carpenter bees make their homes inside wood. Carpenter bees prefer untreated, raw wood to burrow into and nest. They will tunnel into decking, children’s swing sets, sheds, soffits, and any other wood structure near your home. While one bee boring a small hole may not create much of an issue, when a swarm of carpenter bees begin boring holes and making tunnels, they can cause extensive damage.

When Carpenter Bees are Active Throughout the Year 

At the earliest signs of spring arrive, you may begin to notice carpenter bee activity in South Carolina. The bees that overwintered in boreholes will emerge and begin to look for a place to build new nests and lay their eggs. These eggs will hatch after mid-summer. These bees will remain active all summer and into the fall. While the Greenville area can experience some mild winters, these bees will not remain active or survive if they are not tucked away in their tunnels.

What Homeowners Can Do to Prevent Carpenter Bees 

The number one thing homeowners can do to protect their property from carpenter bees is to paint any exposed wood. Window sills, shutters, decks and play structures that can be painted should be. Removing old and unused wood structures from your property is another step you can take.

Why Call a Professional for Carpenter Bees

Even after painting your wood you may still get or already have carpenter bees around your home. At Spencer Pest Services we use eco-friendly pesticides to protect your home from carpenter bees. We are also trained to identify bees, so we are correctly treating your problem without harming other beneficial bees, such as honey bees. Contact us today to help protect your Greenville home from the damage that carpenter bees can cause.