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How French Drains And Sump Pumps Can Lessen Moisture Problems

With the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, we can expect plenty of moisture problems. These moisture concerns will ultimately lead to plenty of pest problems as well. Many pests share their love for dark, moist places. Spencer Pest Services has a few tips to help you limit these problems in your own homes. 

French Drains

The purpose of a French drain is to redirect water away from the places you don’t want it, i.e. your home. It’s a pretty simple mechanism that can be done yourself if you like to take on DIY projects. What it involves is a dug trench to hold a perforated pipe covered with rocks or gravel. They can look different and you can find different styles while researching them. What the French drain does is eliminate the water you may be struggling with; groundwater, surface water, stormwater, etc. by rerouting it to another location. If water seeps through your foundation into your basement, you can use the trench to divert the water in a different direction. If you experience, standing water inside of your basement, you may want to consider a French drain inside as well. This can help keep your property water-free. 

There are many different variations of French drains. You’ll want to do your research to determine which is best for you. Here are three different variations to consider:

  • The curtain drain uses the perforated pipe and is covered by gravel. 
  • A filter drain will drain groundwater.
  • A collector drain will help direct both groundwater and surface water. This drain should have a filter to prevent blockages. 

Sump Pumps

A sump pump is a pump placed underneath your basement or crawl space that will remove water that has accumulated—whether groundwater or rainwater. These are useful if you experience regular flooding, bad storms, and if your foundation is below the water table and causing groundwater. The pump will redirect the water away from the house. A sump pump is usually hard-wired into a home’s electrical system and may also have a battery backup. It’s important to note that in older installations of sump pumps, the water might have been hooked up to be directed to the sewer system, but this may now violate plumbing codes. Rerouting may need to be done. 

Sump pumps and French drains ultimately are working to accomplish the same goal: eliminate the water from inside your home. After Hurricane Florence, both of these humidity-reducing items can be beneficial to install. Many pests are attracted to moisture and dark places, meaning your basements and crawl spaces could potentially be susceptible to invasions of all sorts. Don’t let unwanted water bring in more unwanted problems.

If you’re worried about the moisture in your Greenville home, Spencer Pest Services offers moisture protection as well. With our care, you will not only prevent pests, but you could experience improved air quality and lower energy bills. Our CrawlSpace Care services include three options: good, better, or best level of services. Check out our CrawlSpace Care page to read about these three options and contact us to determine which is best for you! Contact Spencer Pest Services to get started today.