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Is A Moisture Control System Right For Your Home?

We live in the South Carolina, which, as you know, means everything is wet. The humidity we experience in the Greenville area is unavoidable. So, to answer your question, yes, a moisture control system is right for your home. When you learn why, you will surely agree.

The Trouble with Moisture and Your Home

Moisture presents a few challenges for homeowners. Moisture can be a structure concern, a health concern, and an insect concern. When your home is wet, a few things happen to the structure of your home. High moisture levels in your home can make your home dangerous. Structurally, it can cause weak spots. High humidity can cause paint to bubble, wooden structures to swell, and drywall to sag.

Moisture is also a dangerous health risk to you and your family. Moisture causes mold. As moisture spreads throughout your home, so do black mold spores; and they cannot be removed with soap and water. Mold in your home can lead to respiratory issues, nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, eye irritation, skin irritation, and throat problems. Mold is especially dangerous for those in your home who suffer from asthma, chronic lung illnesses, and allergies.

Moisture also invites bugs into your home. Cool, wet environments allow bugs to hide and thrive. A few insects that prefer your damp home are earwigs, millipedes, centipedes, and roaches. Drying out damp areas in your home deter these pests from becoming too comfortable in your home.

How to Get Rid of Moisture in Your Home

A moisture control plan is the best way to avoid the structural, health, and infestation concerns caused by wet spaces. When you opt for a moisture control system for your home, it protects your home or business, making them healthier, greener, and cleaner. Our moisture control systems targets are leaky roofs, crawl spaces, openings around the home, windows, basements, flooring, and ventilation systems. A comprehensive moisture control program will also redirect water away from your home.

Common methods for effective moisture control offered by Spencer Pest Services are:

  • Cleaning out a crawl space and installing a dehumidifier
  • Installation of a plastic floor liner
  • Wallboard insulation
  • Installing vapor and moisture barriers
  • Treating wallboards with a termiticide
  • Removing and treating fungi
  • Installing an outdoor fan and power vents
  • Rebuilding crawl space doors

When you need to control moisture in your home to preserve its value and to improve the health of you and your family members, let the professionals at Spencer Pest Services handle it. This is not a job for DIY methods that only mask the issues. The longer you mask moisture problems in your home, the bigger your repair bills, the larger the insect infestations, and the worse your family’s health becomes. Call now to learn more about our moisture control system.