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Is My Greenville Home At Risk For Mosquitoes This Summer?

Soon the heat of summer will greet us once again. Unfortunately, with the welcoming warmer air also comes mosquitoes, tiny blood-sucking pests with a special skill for severely annoying folks. Will your Greenville home be safe from mosquitoes this coming summer, or will you find yourself continually swatting them away?

Why Mosquitoes Will Be Back Soon

Mosquitoes are warm-weather pests, meaning they can only be found breeding and biting when the weather outside is above 50 °F. Ideally, they prefer temperatures around 80 °F. When the temperatures drop below 50 °F, however, female mosquitoes lay their eggs in freezing water and then die, this usually happens around late fall and early winter.

Soon, if they haven’t started already, you are sure to start finding mosquitoes pestering you in and around your home once again. This, of course, depends on whether your property has what mosquitoes need to survive and thrive.

Does Your Property Have What Mosquitoes Need?

Mosquitoes need two things to survive and reproduce, stagnant sources of water for female mosquitoes to lay their eggs in, and blood to aid them in this process. Most of the time, mosquitoes will find water first, stagnant water, around your property in the form of water build-up. This generally occurs in left-out objects, inside gutters, or around your foundation after a rainstorm. The second thing they need can come from anything passing by, animal or human, whichever the mosquito finds first.

One thing you can do to reduce your chances of dealing with swarms of mosquitoes on your property is to reduce these sources of water. Search around your property for any water build-up or potential areas for this and eliminate these sources. This will go a long way to minimizing breeding sites on your property.

Why Get Professional Treatment For Mosquitoes

With professional mosquito treatment from Spencer Pest Services, your mosquito problems will be addressed before they ever begin. All it takes is one visit from our trained pest service technicians and your property will be as unappealing to mosquitoes as a piece of meat is to an herbivore. If this sounds good to you, contact us today. We would be happy to go over our process with you and find a treatment plan that fits your specific needs.