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Keep Rodents From Making Your Greenville Home Their Home For The Winter

Did you know that your Greenville home is a hot commodity for rodents this time of year? It’s true. Rodents of all shapes and sizes would give anything for a little bit of real estate within your walls. The question is, will your home be open for business when they come knocking? Let’s find out now.

Problems Rodent Infestations Cause

As you probably know, having rodents crawling around inside your walls or up in your attic is not a good thing. When rodents enter into homes problems follow. Here are just a few of the issues that go hand-in-hand with rodents.

  • Gnaw marks on everything: Rodents have sharp front incisor teeth that never stop growing. This pushes them to chew on anything and everything they can. Some of the most concerning things they have been known to chew on include electrical wiring and utility pipes. This can lead to flooding in your walls or potentially an electrical fire. Rodents also commonly use their teeth to chew through walls and tear up insulation to build their nests.
  • Contamination and sickness: Just like every other living creature, rodents poop. Where this fecal matter ends up can get you and your family sick. Because of their nature, it is not uncommon for rodents to urinate and poop on countertops, kitchen tables, and inside cabinets, all popular places for food.
  • Disease: Disease goes hand-in-hand with contamination. Rodents, through their excrement and urine, can spread a wide range of diseases, many of which could end with you going to the hospital.
  • Fleas, ticks, and mites: Rodents are known for carrying parasitic pests into homes. These tiny creatures can spread to pets once indoors and they bring with them a variety of their own unique problems.

Basic Rodent Prevention Tips

  • Use a caulking gun and some wire mesh to seal up gaps and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.
  • Make sure your yard is clutter-free and that wood piles are a good distance from the walls of your home.
  • Clean regularly, making sure drink and food spills are cleaned up quickly.
  • Pick up your pets’ food and water bowls after they are done with them.
  • Store leftover foods inside plastic containers.
  • Repackage food that comes in cardboard packaging in plastic containers.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents If They Get Inside

If you suspect one or a couple of rodents have gotten into your home, a few carefully placed traps baited with peanut butter might do the trick. If you have more than three rodents running around, however, this method may not work. Before rodents are allowed to reproduce and your problem gets worse, give the professionals here at Spencer Pest Control a call. We will send one of our pest technicians your way ASAP with a fast and easy solution for your rodent problem.