Spencer Pest Services will be operating under the Rocket Pest Control brand going forward. You're still in the right place to schedule pest control services!

Manufacturing & Warehouse Pest Services

Pest Control For Large Spaces

Don’t let pests in your manufacturing facility or warehouse compromise your packaging, create unsanitary conditions, cause regulatory fines, or threaten the quality of your products. Rely on Spencer Pest Services to identify and resolve all of your pest problems – we’ll get rid of rodents, insects, and more.  When you partner with Spencer, a WBENC-certified business, you can count on our team to eliminate pests from your manufacturing center or warehouse while achieving your diversity spending goals.

Customized Pest Control Solutions for Manufacturers & Warehouses

Serving Greenville and Upstate of South Carolina since 1954, Spencer Pest Services has vast experience controlling pests in the commercial sector. Our services have protected hundreds of manufacturing plants, warehouses and office buildings.

We’ll prepare a comprehensive plan tailored to the needs of each property. We utilize the latest industry methods and environmentally responsible techniques and will determine the frequency and degree of service depending on conditions and goals. You can expect:

  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Pest prevention, control and exclusion
  • Committed protection year-round
  • No extra charge for emergency service
  • Protection that extends to wildlife, mosquitoes and bird control – from exclusion to netting to deterrence

Integrated Pest Management for Environmentally Responsible Pest Control

Spencer Pest Services is certified as an environmentally responsible business by the National Pest Management Association. Our Integrated Pest Management approach solves pest problems with the lowest environmental impact possible. In most cases, this approach is no more expensive than traditional methods. 

But to be executed properly, it does require a level of skill and knowledge many companies do not possess. So our technicians undergo special training, in the classroom and on the job. This enables us to employ a multi-faceted approach that incorporates education, inspection, identification, sanitation, exclusion, communication, as well as biological and mechanical means of control. Specific pesticide applications are utilized only when necessary and appropriate.