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May through July let them fly

flying bat

While one might think such a pithy saying is reserved for typical summertime pastimes like watching home runs at a Braves game or flying kites on the beach, this saying is actually meant to help wildlife control operators know when to leave bats in structures alone. Bats typically have litters during May and June. During this time the bat pup is wholly dependent on their mother for food since they cannot fly. Therefore, it is necessary to let bats “fly May through July ” and not to seal them out of buildings to prevent pups from dying in homes and causing bad smells, staining, and insect problems from carcasses.

In South Carolina and western North Carolina, there are about 14 species of bats, and of those 14 half will typically nest in homes. Bats are very beneficial creatures that eat roughly their own body weight in insects every night. However, they can become problems when they nest in houses and may produce bad odors, large amounts of guano, urine, cause staining from body oils, may cause secondary pest infestations like mites and bat bugs, and of course, there is the general fear of bats living in close proximity to humans.

What can a homeowner do to keep bats out of homes? 

As with most things an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is better to make sure the house is “bat proofed” before problems occur. These include making sure:

  • The attic is well ventilated as this will discourage bats from roosting.
  • Make sure there are no gaps of a ½ or more around fascia, soffits, ridge vents, the space between the house and chimney, flashing, etc.
  • Have gables screened properly with no holes or gaps leading into the structure?

If you are worried about having problems with bats, let the wildlife control experts at Spencer Pest come and take a look at your home or place of business. We can proactively seal any entry points before they become a problem. If you currently have bats in your house, Spencer Pest Services can come and seal up all entry points, install one-way doors where bats can leave but not reenter, and guarantee that all your bat problems will fly away.

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